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April 15, 1996: Searching for people
Searching for contact information? Yahoo! appears to be expanding the definition of what an online directory service provides. They've very recently added an expansive and efficient People search capability. We found the last name lookup to be reasonably comprehensive for physical addresses and just ok for email.

Using the service, you can look up someone using their phone number only.

Phone: (###-###-####)

Bookmark the People search page. You'll use it.

April 14, 1996: Expanded jump-list
We've recently expanded our listings of corporations with employment areas on the Web. If you're looking for positions to fill or advertisers to solicit, it's a useful jumping off point.

April 13, 1996: Transcending Trends
We've talked a lot, over the past months, about trends that impact the Recruiting Industry, online or otherwise. We've recently been prodded to think about structural unemployment caused by increasing life-spans and technological displacement. Combined with stagnant or declining wages (in some sectors), there is a virulent political issue emerging here that seems to transcend normal political boundaries. We'd recommend that you take a quick scan through the following material on the web. While the material is generally left of center politically (when was the last time you even heard about American Socialism?), the ideas have an uncanny resonance with Pat Buchanan's battle cries.

April 12, 1996: Tough Q Dept.
From our "tough questions" files
Subject: Another tough question...

Dear IBN:

As a "bodysnatcher" working for a retained executive recruiting firm for the entertainment and new media industries, I was curious that you so confidently report on the eminent demise of the recruiting industry.

Since the bulk of the searches we perform are never advertised and are usually confidential and since the majority of the candidates we approach are currently employed, I wonder how you feel your service could be beneficial to a senior-level recruiting firm. True we are about to debut our website (xxx.com), but its purpose is for publicity, exposure and to draw in accomplished executives for inclusion in our database. We will not be actively recruiting through the site. So, will the next Chairman of IBM really be recruited over the Internet???


While you offer a great question, it's a "softball" in some ways. Recruiting, as you well know, has a number of steps ranging from identification of the position (and its strategic importance) to filling the "pipeline" with screened candidates to final selection and contract negotiations. We believe that Internet / client-server technologies, combined with demographics and structural changes in the nature of work are conspiring to radically transform the Recruiting Industry.

In each of the steps (we identify 14 in our analyses), all firms currently in the industry are vulnerable to competition in client transaction costs. In fact, the cost of entry for players who aren't currently in the game is significantly lower than the costs for firms who are solidly in the game. It's much like the structural advantage held by the Japanese in the post oil crash economy in the automobile market.

The "demise" of the recruiting industry is certainly a bit of hyperbole. In fact, we see the number of transactions going up exponentially while the cost (to clients) drops equally dramatically. The brokering of candidates into critical unfilled slots will increase in the immediate future while their average tenure decreases.

Do let me know when your website is ready for public exposure. We generally tell our clients to expect that the cost of having a website will be 15 times the initial development cost per year. If your goals are to increase publicity, exposure and draw potential candidates into the site, we'd imagine that you have a detailed plan to arrange about 800 inbound links; changing and interesting content designed to attract the targets you seek; and significant differentiators from the rest of the recruiting pack. We can help in these areas.

We've reviewed all of the recruiting websites currently online in great detail. We know what works and what doesn't, who your competitors are and whether or not a website makes sense as an investment in your particular case. We counsel many of our clients to use the technology in less visible ways, focusing on their clients rather than their candidates.

Transformation is a more useful image than demise. For a retained search firm, the technology is best used to lock your existing relationships in place. You are about to enter an era of increased quantification and cost competition. We know how to help you continuously increase the value you deliver to your clients while reducing their transaction costs.

Hope this helps.


April 11, 1996: Resume Canada
Resume Canada introduces a couple of interesting gimicks. With a 900 number provided at the site, you can order a faxed version of a resume or listen to a voicemail presentation by a candidate.

April 10, 1996: Matching services
If you're going to run a job ad website, an email matching service is rapidly becoming part of the entry cost. As you probably know, email matching allows a job hunter to visit your site, fill out a form and then (more or less) never return. As your database discovers matches between the candidate's credentials and your client's requirements, email is sent notifying either or both of the match. In smaller recruiting houses, this may be no more than a regularly published listing of jobs sent by email. In the bigger players (who are advertising driven), it becomes a complex exercise in database management. In either case, delivery of personalized information to the candidate is fast becoming the only way that you can ensure that a given job ad is effective.

Two new entrants are worth comparing: NationJob and CareerMart. On a purely functional level (services offered), they are very similar but they take very different approaches to building relationships with candidates.

NationJob is trying to create a brand name matching service. P.J.Scout is a folksy cowboy who, we guess, searches the prairie for opportunities. Although NationJob has national ambitions, their territory and mindset are clearly regional, with a heavy Midwest emphasis. P.J.Scout fits right in. NationJob seems to be tearing up the pastures with standalone job terminals and burgeoning relationships with regional newspapers.

CareerMart, on the other hand, is less folksy (although they do devote a lot of their audience's time to a big graphic map in summer and winter versions). Their real strength is an obvious sensitivity to the needs of their candidates. Both services offer online job searches. Both come up empty from time to time (no jobs in the search category). When the database gives you an answer in the CareerMart scheme, the searcher is immediately presented an apology and an opportunity to join the email notification system with the same criteria just used.. This is a very nice touch. Between the email notification agent, the customer service orientation and a solid set of career resources CareerMart really distinguishes itself in an increasingly crowded arena.

April 9, 1996: Working a Niche
You can be fairly broad within a niche. Cool Works is expanding their market penetration with fairly amazing speed. (They provide staffing services in National Parks and other seasonal operations.) A look at their map will give you an idea opf the breadth of their penetration in their marketplace. They have a discrete website (more or less) for each of the 19 red dots on the map.

They've also cleverly aligned themselves with an outdoor oriented company (GORP) so that traffic from one of their entry points has a demonstrated interest in the area that they cover. It's a nice, comprehensive approach to working a niche, blending client and candidate needs into a single interface.

April 8, 1996: 4work.com
Part of the trick in launching a new service is having some substance available when you open the doors. Borrowing an idea from retail, you have to have some inventory before you can be credibly seen as a player. While we really like the look, feel and functionality of 4 Work, not having an inventory of postings seriously affects their online image. By entering the market prematurely, they will establish bad reputations with early users. Since the bulk of online business works much like word of mouth, the potential for damage to the enterprise is quite high.

If you're considering moving into online recruiting, look at the 4 Work situation carefully. A better strategy for them would have been to build traffic and slowly release their delightful services. In its current configuration, the service is likely to become a case study marketing blunder.

April 7, 1996: Sites to Monitor
Are you following our sister newsletter 1st Steps: Marketing and Design Daily? It's full of tips and examples for improving awareness of your site and reaching your target markets. In today's edition, detailed instructions for monitoring your competition using AltaVista are the fare.

We're in the process of evaluating all of the new features being added to IPA (the Recruiter's Online Network). If you're not a member, you should definitely check them out. Online databases of resumes, job splits and tools for recruiters. The modest membership fee will yield a significant return in enhanced effectiveness and opportunity for your firm.

As our evaluation proceeds, we'll keep you up to date on IPA's progress.

April 6, 1996: Informus background checks
Background checking is on the web. Informus, a Mississippi based information service can provide the following data over the web.
  • Driving Reports (MVRs) Nationwide
  • Workers' Comp Searches in 40 States
  • Criminal Record Histories Nationwide
  • Previous Employment Verifications in 72 Hours
  • National Credit and Address Information
They also an solid array of information services priced reasonably and delivered quickly. The site includes a demo that uses your Social Security Neumber and returns fast results. You'll want to try these folks.

April 5, 1996: Bay Area Jobs
The San Francisco Bay Area is the center of the cyclone in Web Development and utilization. If you're looking to see where things are headed in your region, it's always worth looking at similar enterprises in Northern California.

Bay Area Jobs is a very interesting example of the kinds of recruiting partnerships that will make increasing sense as the web evolves. The site lists all known employers and placement firms in and around San Francisco. Who put it together? Allan Cory, a local realtor, of course. In the end, he's created an economic engine that is useful to recruiters, candidates, and realtors. Cory has smartly assessed his market and decided to make them more mobile and therefore more likely to be return customers. We think this is profound in its simplicity.

A smart Recruiting Firm in a different region or a national association would take this example and apply it to their business. Recruiting Websites co-sponsored by realtors is as smart a market adjustment as the alliances with Professional Associations that we continue to believe will dominate the recruiting landscape in the near future.

April 4, 1996: Staying Abreast
Staying abreast of trends and forecasts is a necessary component of managing a recruiting business. A useful resource for this task is the Horizon Home Page, a website dedicated to the future of education and sponsored by Josey-Bass Publishers and The University of North Carolina. The Futures Planning Database contains lots (more than 100) of short articles on technological, social, political and educational trends and their impacts.

We were also really impressed with Gary Johnson's Brave New Work World which includes the New Work News, a collection of press articles on the subject of workplace changes. If you want to keep quickly abreast of the changes, bookmark New Work News.

April 3, 1996: Internet Universite Career Site
If goofy graphics were the key to running a solid recruiting site, The Internet University Career Site would win first place. The cleverly designed site also manages to be evidence against the use of frames. Although a great deal of work was clearly done considering the user interface, actual navigation of the site is crippled, rather than enhanced, by the extensive use of frames. To move through the sections of the Career Department, the reader is constantly forced to reload the initial page. Yuck.

In spite of these things, this glorified collection of links is a place on which you must get your site listed. The funny thing about (current) web traffic patterns is that reviewers are liable to fall in love with the site based on its "cuteness". Once the reviewers discover it, visitors will follow. A link here is liable to yield lots of traffic. Their pockets seem deep enough to indicate thet they'll be in the game for the long haul.

It's an odd paradox of web marketing that good places to market your recruiting services may not be the most useful sites for your clients. Imagine their relief when they find your well organized, easy to use offering at the end of that link.

April 2, 1996: One Source Group
The One Source Group has opened their Website. Featuring an eclectic mix of specialties (therapy, healthcare and data processing), the most interesting feature of the new enterprise is its solid emphasis on marketing. CEO Michael Gargan says "We are now linked to about 600 sites with more in process. Our press releases are leaving this week and are going to 200 magazines, 600 newspapers and about 400 assorted news letters." They get it!

According to this week's print version of New Media, the web is about to become littered with "ghost-sites" (we've been calling them cobweb sites). As Website owners discover that the One Source Group's approach to marketing is just the beginning of operating costs, many sites will fall by the wayside.

April 1, 1996: HTML Resumes
The current crop of resume databases have no facilities for managing HTML (Web page) Resumes. At the same time, the number and quality of Web pages doubling as resumes is exploding. For Resume makers, the HTML version is the logical extension of the "Resume as marketing document" school of thought. Simultaneously, resume databases are navigated much more effectively by plain vanilla statements of credentials and accomplishments coupled with key words. Most likely, a solution will emerge that can handle both. It's a very good time to move slowly on the acquisition of a new resume database system.

We have a collection of about 100 sample HTML Resumes in the 1st Steps In The Hunt Newsletter.

Over 50 sites were radically improved or introduced in the past two weeks. Take another look at the competition.

March 30, 1996: ResumeNet
We're seeing increasing volumes of email traffic from startups like ResumeNet. We present them here because they're the "prettiest" of the lot. ResumeNet charges candidates a fee of $20 (soon to be $25) to have their HTML resume linked to their page.

We started asking ourselves, "Why is there even a perceived niche for this sort of service?"

The web can obscure the current exponential growth in the contract / temporary placement sectors. As the big institutions downsize, nothing of substance is taking their place. That means that the economy really is "projectizing". With shorter tenures come increased demands for placement services. In the short term, it's a windfall for recruiters. In the longer term it's a structural problem.

Moving lots of employees between assignments used to be a function of the internal workings of a big company. Today, employees (and recruiters) increasingly accomplish the task themselves without the buffers offered by sheer bigness. And, the trend will increase. Employees will need to learn to market themselves ever more effectively. So, we think that services like ResumeNet are likely to expand in number over the medium term.

March 29, 1996: Conferencing on the Web
Conferencing is the generic term for threaded conversations on the Web. Increasingly it is a competition sensitive feature that you must consider when designing your net presence. David Wooley, a long term conferencing expert, offers a guide to Conferencing on the Web that comes complete with a detailed listing of Web Conferencing Resources & Examples. He has gone to great lengths to keep the material current. You'll be amazed by the sheer number of experiments and approaches.

March 28, 1996: Internet's Help Desk
Although we don't often talk about it, sometimes using the Net as a recruiting tool means helping your candidates and clients with the new technology. Everyone we know absolutely hates to do the technical hand-holding that our customers sometimes need. A useful resource for those customers is The Internet Help Desk. The clean layout and well written instructions are a blessing when confronting the normal hassles of being online. Now, instead of saying "You need to talk to some one else about your Internet connection." You can say, "Visit The Internet Help Desk at http://w3.one.net/~alward/. They're pretty good and generally include pointers that will help you solve the most common difficulties."

The other problem with using the net is the abundant, confusing new terminology. We suggest that you point your customers to the Cook Report's Glossary. It's comprehensive and might even define a term or two that you don't know.

March 27, 1996: Shopsite for startups
Although we don't recommend it, when considering how to put your recruiting business online, you have to at least look at the possibility of using a service like Shopsite. Another "mall" service, Shopsite has a retail orientation that will be off-putting to many recruiters. On the positive side, they offer storefront creation without the hassle, a reasonable marketing campaign and easy to understand billing. The details are available in their Leasing Office. It's a simple solution that may be useful as a way to get your feet wet.

March 26, 1996: "Hot Site" in USA Today
USA Today has named 1st Steps In The Hunt (our sister publication) a "Hot Site"

1st Steps In The Hunt is a great advertising opportunity if you're trying to stand out against the huge crowd of recruiting ads on the net. For more information about advertising rates and opportunities, email us at staff@interbiznet.com.

March 25, 1996: Cobwebs
A Cobwebsite is one that is dusty from the lack of visitors and maintenance. When we reviewed Richard Wheeler Associates last fall, we were very impressed with their mastery of the medium. But, from what we can tell, little has changed on the site since our intial review. We'd be tempted to attribute that to a lack of customers passing through the site. We can't overemphasize the importance of marketing and promotion as a tool to increase traffic and force the disciple required to stay ahead of the market.

Use 800 inbound links (from other sites) as a target for a minimally successful web promotion project.

March 24, 1996: Job-Link
The cost of entry for Web based recruiters continues to go up. The features that discriminate your offerings from your competitors are increasing in cost. Promotion, the way that you achieve recognition, is getting sophisticated and specialized.

Take a look at Job-Link, a new resource for Recruiters. Job-Link offers a searchable database of resumes (optimized for both the candidate and the Recruiter)and a live chat area for job-hunters. The description of Job Link's Services is as clear and straightforward as you could hope for. (We imagine that they used a professional copy-writer).

Competing, in this marketplace, means having similar services to or developing a working alliance with operations like Job-Link. They get a Nice Start. The real tricks for Job-Link will be whether they can navigate the promotional jungle and keep their site fresh and lively.

March 23, 1996: Tech-Lease
One of our IBN staffers says "...the biggest problem with the Web is that so many people are writing and many of them shouldn't. We think that the same thing applies to overall Web Design. The technology is so simple that many confuse getting something done with producing an effective results generator.

Take Tech-Lease for example. The introductory page begins with a huge graphic that probably appealed to a Marketing manager but adds no meaningful value and wastes the reader's time. The site is full of subtle inanities like:

  • Are you a qualified Candidate? If so, you belong to one of these groups....;
  • Are you an Employer? Then you're looking for........; and our favorite,
  • You just might be in the right place at the right time. And if you are, then you could become one of Tech Lease's "right people for the right job."

    Each of these phrases contains a subtle (or not so subtle) put down that leaves the prospective client (candidate or employer) put off and somewhat offended.

    Lest you repeat Tech-Lease's subtle and counter-productive errors, we highly recommend that you have your Website copy and design checked over by an independent source before you unleash it on the world. It's a terrible shame to waste your company's time and resources on a publicity gaffe that does nothing but destroy the firm's credibility.

    March 22, 1996: JobWeb's redesign
    Running a Web based Recruiting business requires that you constantly review the effectiveness of your material and presentation. Website redesign is a constant competitive pressure and opportunity. Take a look at JobWeb. Their new redesign makes the process of navigating through extensive resources easier and more focused.

    March 21, 1996: Top 25 Recruiters
    We've added a dozen or so search engines to the Top 25 Recruiters page. We're increasingly trying to make it a one stop shopping page for Job Hunters. You can search for job listings in the major career sites from this page. Take a look.

    If you'd like to add access to your search engine to our collection, please send the necessary HTML (use the Top 25 Recruiters page for examples) to staff@interbiznet,com

    March 20, 1996: Free site evaluation
    Traynor and Kitching, a British electronic marketing consultancy offers a service that you'll want to use. Result Builder offers you the opportunity to have your site reviewed and critiqued by reasonably unbiased, "outside experts".

    What do you get from ResultBuilder? Their website claims that:

  • Your site will be visted by a number of our 'Marketing Magic' consultants - at different times of the day, from different locations, using different browser software. We aim for at least three independent opinions.
  • You will receive an email report detailing the opinions of our consultants, covering the points listed above.
  • If you subsequently wish to communicate with any or all of the reporting consultants, you will be informed by email on how to do this. Thereafter, you are free to negotiate any further assistance from our consultants. But you are under no obligation to go any further than this initial free consultation. And you will not receive any unsolicited emails as a result of this initial consultation.

    We've seen the results of the service on a couple of sites. At the very least, you get food for thought. Try it.

    March 19, 1996: Resume Robot
    Simple website, fascinating application, possible competitive edge.. That's the best way to describe Resume Robot a service of ProQuest. The basic idea is a web searcher that finds resumes tailored to your specifications. The service currently serves the computer/technical community but could be easily (we think) expanded to search other areas. It makes a solid start at solving an odd paradox....much of the information on the web is out of date, particularly Resumes. It would make sense to invest in an in-house version of this tool as a way of keeping your firm competitive.

    There were 19 new recruiting sites added to the web this week.

    March 18, 1996: Marketing Classifieds
    Though the execution is quite clumsy, Marketing Classifieds is a solid example of the movement towards professional specialization in online recruiting.

    Besides our industry analyses and newsletters, we help recruiters integrate this new technology into their operations. We've added a detailed description of IBN to the website. We'd love to help you.

    Contacting Us
    Call, fax, write, email. We'd love to talk about your project.

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