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- John W. Foster

Managerial Hiring Activity Improves For Second Month in a Row

(June 30, 2009)
The JobSerf Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity across the United States, found that the number of job openings in June for C-level, VP, Director and Managerial candidates improved for the second month in a row. Managerial job listings in June were up another 3.8 points, following a rise of 15.2 points in May.

The Employment Index found that the number of executive and management-level job openings posted online had an index value of 60.4 in June 2009, 56.6 in May 2009, and 41.4 in April 2009. Although this month's index shows a positive trend, online job listings still need to rise a lot further in order to reach the June 2, 2008 level of 102.6.

"It's very promising that the demand for managers and executives has risen two months in a row," says Tony Lee, publisher, "White-collar candidates who visited job boards in June saw more opportunities than they've seen in quite some time, which is a great sign."

Job listings for all levels of management improved this month, especially C-Level jobs, which had a significant rise to 74 points from 65. The number of C-Level job listings is the highest it's been since September 2008.

All regions made small rebounds in June, but the Midwest had the strongest gains, moving from 53.1 to 60.9 points, bringing them back in alignment with the majority of the regions. While the West has made some modest gains, they have fallen behind and now significantly trail all other regions of the country by more than 5 points.

"With a June Index score 40 points lower than it was a year ago and unemployment doubling last year, the end result is that locating a job online may be almost three times as competitive," says Jay Martin, JobSerf's chairman. "Now that the index has begun to rise and online job listings become more plentiful, managers and executives will have an easier time finding new employment."

The Employment Index is an exclusive barometer showing the change in managerial job openings posted online nationally. The Index reveals the differences in job listings by month, and offers valuable trends and forecasts using proprietary employment data gathered by a team of researchers.

To read the full report or for more information, visit

About JobSerf
JobSerf, Inc. ( is a privately held Texas-based corporation that pioneered the job search outsourcing (JSO) industry with its revolutionary 'Find & Apply' service. The company's patent-pending process provides for an affordable means for non-U.S. based professionals to both 'find & apply' to jobs on behalf of clients. For more information, visit the website at

About, created by Adicio, is a job search portal that offers extensive local, niche and national job listings from across North America, as well as job-hunting, career-management and HR-focused editorial content, videos and blogs, and provides recruiters with the ability to post jobs directly to more than 600 niche career sites.

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Colleen Gildea

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