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ResumePal as the Universal Job Application Standard
    (April 1, 2009) Human Resource Technology Leaders Introduce ResumePal as the Universal Job Application Standard

    Job seekers will be able to use ResumePal to apply for jobs at thousands of companies nationwide.

    A group of leading talent acquisition and human resource technology companies are introducing ResumePal as the recruiting industry's first - and only - universally accepted online employment profile. ResumePal revolutionizes the way job seekers and employers connect on the Internet.

    With ResumePal (, job seekers complete online profiles - one time - to apply to jobs at thousands of companies accepting the standard. ResumePal replaces the time consuming online forms process found on most major employer career sites and delivers better and more accurate candidate information to hiring companies.

    By using ResumePal to apply to a company, candidates are instantly routed to the jobs that best fit their profile - now and for future job openings at that company. No more guessing about whether a job is the right fit. No more exhaustive forms. No more job applications falling into black holes.

    "An unavoidable characteristic of today's highly mobile and social environment is the challenge of keeping information about ourselves up-to-date," said Lisa Rowan, Program Director, HR, Learning and Talent Strategies at IDC. "By making job applications dramatically simpler for job seekers and ensuring that the resume seen is the most current, Jobfox is easing this burden. ResumePal has the potential to quickly become a standard for both job seekers and employers."

    The companies behind ResumePal are the technology leaders in recruiting and the entire human resource management community. They include Jobfox, the Internet's first career site to bring precision matching to online recruiting; and the leading providers of applicant tracking solutions, including: ADP (ADP VirtualEdge Recruitment Services), Kenexa (Kenexa Recruiter® BrassRing), Oracle (Oracle® iRecruitment and Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Talent Acquisition Management), SilkRoad Technology (OpenHire), and Softscape (Softscape Hiring Management).

    For employers, ResumePal benefits include:
    • Smarter matching. ResumePal routes the job seeker to all the jobs at the company that precisely match their skills and attributes.

    • Dramatically reduced job seeker abandonment. Before ResumePal, job seekers routinely abandoned corporate career sites requiring them to fill out exhaustive online job application forms. With ResumePal, job seekers can bypass those forms with one mouse click.

    • More comprehensive job seeker information. A job seeker's ResumePal contains a professional's detailed work history, plus a thorough inventory of skills, certifications, work samples, career goals and work-style assessments – all accessible by the employer.

    • Dynamic updates to job seeker information - any updates made to a candidate's ResumePal are automatically propagated everywhere that candidate has applied using ResumePal. Updates include changes to contact details, continued education, additional skills and the latest employment history.

    • Reduced advertising spend. By efficiently routing job seekers to their best job matches, employers are able to maximize their recruiting budgets.

    • Greater return on applicant tracking technology investments. ResumePal enables employers to gain even higher returns on their investments in applicant tracking solutions.

    • Faster results. Comprehensive candidate matching is brought straight to the employer's applicant tracking solution, providing match results for both employers and job candidates - instantly and continuously.

    Thousands of top employers will automatically benefit from ResumePal through their ResumePal-supported applicant tracking solutions at no additional cost. Other employers should visit ResumePal ( to learn how they too can begin accepting ResumePal on their careers websites.

    "The ResumePal concept is nothing short of revolutionary," said Ralph Doran, Talent Acquisition Manager at Black & Decker. "The talent management challenges that ResumePal is designed to address are very real, undoubtedly impacting the bottom line of every major corporation in America. We wholeheartedly support the movement toward this new standard in taking online recruiting to an entirely new level of efficiency and effectiveness."

    Job candidates can create their portable career profiles by going directly to ResumePal, a free service at, or by visiting any employer site accepting ResumePal.

    About ResumePal
    ResumePal ( is the first universally accepted online job application and matching system standard to be adopted by leading human resource technology providers and their employer customers. ResumePal is powered by Jobfox and now integrated into the applicant tracking solutions provided by ADP, Kenexa, Oracle and PeopleSoft, SilkRoad technology and Softscape. With a completed ResumePal career portfolio, job candidates are just two clicks away from being expertly matched across all of a ResumePal-powered employer's available jobs.

    About ADP
    Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADP), with nearly $9 billion in revenues and over 585,000 clients, is one of the world's largest providers of business outsourcing solutions. Leveraging nearly 60 years of experience, ADP offers a wide range of HR, payroll, tax and benefits administration solutions from a single source. ADP's easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions for employers provide superior value to companies of all types and sizes. ADP is also a leading provider of integrated computing solutions to auto, truck, motorcycle, marine and recreational vehicle dealers throughout the world. For more information about ADP or to contact a local ADP sales office, reach us at 1.800.225.5237 or visit the company's Web site at

    About Jobfox
    Jobfoxis the Internet's fastest-growing career site for connecting working professionals with corporate recruiters. Jobfox provides recruiters with the online recruiting industry's highest levels of control to match candidates with specific job qualifications, helping companies save time and money. Thousands of employers expertly match jobs to Jobfox's pool of millions of highly qualified job candidates spanning thousands of occupations. Visit

    About Kenexa
    Kenexa (NASDAQ: KNXA) is a global leader in building the world's greatest workforces using a combination of software, employee research science and business process optimization. Kenexa's global solutions include applicant tracking, onboarding, recruitment process outsourcing, employment branding, skills and behavioral assessments, structured interviews, performance management, multi-rater feedback surveys, employee engagement surveys and HR Analytics. Kenexa is headquartered in Wayne, Pa. (outside Philadelphia). Additional information about Kenexa and its global products and services can be accessed at

    About SilkRoad technology
    SilkRoad technology, Inc. provides software as a service (SAAS) solutions that significantly improve the talent within its more than 1000 customers across the globe. Through SilkRoad's Life Suite™, an integrated talent management solution, companies are able to hire better employees, identify high and low performers, drive a pay-for-performance culture and improve employee tenure. The SilkRoad Life Suite solution set includes OpenHire™, for recruiting management, RedCarpet™ for employee onboarding and life events, WingSpan™ for flexible employee performance management, GreenLight™ for compensation management, and Eprise™ for employee intranets and content management.

    About Softscape
    Softscape is the global leader in people management software that enables organizations to more effectively drive their business performance. Recognized by industry analysts as the most comprehensive strategic human capital management solution, Softscape provides full employee lifecycle management, including a core system of record, in a single, software platform for improved business intelligence. The company offers customers of all sizes and in all industries the most flexibility and choice with multiple purchase, configuration, and deployment options. For more than a decade, Softscape has helped millions of workers across 156 countries be more successful at their jobs while contributing to bottom-line results.

Colleen Gildea

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