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Quote of the Day

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

- Winston Churchill

Engagement, Performance, Retention - Where do Your Employees Fit?

(April 6, 2009)
    The economic crisis of 2008/2009 has many companies looking at ways to save money and get through the hard times. What this normally means is that they look to lay off people, cut back benefits (which make good employees look at other opportunities), stop training programs, reduce marketing, and basically "hunker" down.

    I feel like I am in a unique position as both a business owner and a human resource generalist to address this economic drama. Let me explain. As a business owner I am facing choices in doing business. Credit is hard to find and cash flow is tight. Clients still are there, however, and they still want and need my services. Sometimes, they just don't know what they need. So, in my role as HR advisor, it is my obligation and the duty of my company, including my star employees, to help them understand what they need.

    I don't believe this is the time to "hunker" down. If you do, you won't be prepared when things start moving upward. What you do need to do is spend wisely and use your people efficiently. How, you may be asking, do I do this?

    Imagine what would happen if everyone of your employees were in a job that best used all their inherent talents. Imagine your company being empowered with employees who were engaged in their jobs and were interested in helping you succeed. I know that as a business owner, I would love to have that type of workforce and feel blessed that I do have this kind of workforce. I also know, as your human resource advisor how to help you have this type of workforce too.

    I believe that in order to get through these rough times and keep the right people actively engaged, performing well, and keeping them on board requires business owners of all sizes to use all the tools at their disposal. This can be done with various tools but the tools I am most familiar with and which I use most effectively are the Profiles International, Inc. assessments. These assessments, along with your company standard hiring and training processes will help you develop a better understanding of the people you employ. This will help you solve many of your mst critical and expensive problems.

    Reliable information makes HR decisions easier to develop and you can successfully fit people to jobs in which they will excel, retain good employees, become a better manager, improve customer service, and build an effective team.

    The foundation of your success is the best use of your assets. If you talk to any management expert, they will tell you that your human capital (your employees) is your most valuable asset. The problem is that only a small percentage of businesses use a pro-active, systematic, analytical process to select, manage, retain, and plan for succession for employees.

    I believe if you use the available tools to see results from selection, to coaching and performance management, you will achieve greater productivity and profitability through your human talent.

    Imagine the difference in your company. You may need to invest a little to gain a lot. Don't hunker down - look forward and inspire the best in yourself and in your people. By Lola Kakes, Effortless HR

Colleen Gildea

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