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Jobvite Recognized as One of the Hottest Global Emerging Companies in 2009

(April 15, 2009)
eRecruitment Innovator Named as One of the Top Ten Software Startups by TiE

Jobvite, creator of next-generation recruitment solutions, has been named a TiE50 Winner for innovation, ingenuity and management excellence in the category of software. The TiE50, presented by TiE, a global organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurs, is the annual listing of 50 of the hottest and most promising startup companies of the year. Jobvite was selected as an exceptional emerging startup in the software segment from a field of 1,200 nominees through a combination of public voting and feedback from a panel of TiE judges.

As a pioneer in the social recruitment space, Jobvite is the only recruitment application built to involve all employees in the hiring process and leverage their social networks to find quality candidates. Companies use the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application to reduce recruitment spend and increase the impact of existing resources. Jobvite recently delivered new matching technology that recommends a job to the most qualified people in one's network and comprehensive integration with major social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

"All of this year's winners, including Jobvite, embraced TiE's message of the bold entrepreneur," said Mateen Syed, TiE50 Chair. "The judges were impressed by the quality of ideas and execution across each vertical segment. These fifty companies represent the finest in entrepreneurship and serve as role models, encouraging and inspiring emerging start-ups to succeed as Bold Entrepreneurs stimulating the economy."

"Jobvite has grown rapidly in a tough economy by delivering meaningful innovation that helps companies decrease recruiting expenses when hiring great talent," said Dan Finnigan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jobvite. "The Jobvite social recruiting application leads the market in innovation, design, functionality and cost-effectiveness, and we are honored to be recognized by TiE and our peers as a TiE50 Winner."

The TiE50 selection process includes judging by a group comprised of more than forty prominent entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate executives and other domain experts as well as public voting. TiE50 winners are diverse in terms of size, progress, maturity and location. They share a common thread of innovation, ingenuity, strong management teams and overall quality of ideas.

About Jobvite
Jobvite is used by companies to manage all aspects of hiring in an easy to use Web 2.0 platform. Jobvite is the only eRecruitment application that powers word of mouth marketing for jobs. Jobvite engages people to send targeted job invitations to contacts in their social networks and helps companies make high quality hires at lower cost. Customers of the Software-as-a-Service application include leading edge companies like Advent, Infinera, SupportSoft, TiVo and For more information, visit

Nicole Wasowski
LEWIS PR for Jobvite
415 992 4400

Colleen Gildea

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