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We began our life in the very early days of the web. It was possible, back then, to imagine seeing all of the existing web pages. For a while, we knew everyone who was doing anything. Each day, the web grew and keeping up seemed further and further out of reach.

It has only gotten worse in that regard, but we continue to work at it daily.

During the early months of 1994, arrived at a clear focus. We intended then (and still do!) to chronicle, analyze and report on the evolution of Electronic recruiting. We believed then (as we do now) that the single most profound impact of the web will be on how we work, get work and change work.

Founded in 1994 by John Sumser, is the leading analyst of the Electronic Recruiting Industry. From its flagship daily Newsletter, the Electronic Recruiting News to its annual industry analysis, The Electronic Recruiting Index, IBN chronicles and facilitates the development of the Electronic Recruiting Industry.

John Sumser also contributes his expertise in the form of consulting with Companies involved in this exciting Industry.

Internet Recruiting Seminar In A Box, is an interactive, CD based version of IBN's trailblazing Advanced Searching and Sourcing Techniques Seminar series. As usual, IBN was the first in the industry to offer courses for Recruiters who want to make a difference using the Internet. Widely copied, the Seminar is now available in a form that integrates the user's desktop. IBN has also added an online research resource for the Recruiter, the Recruiter's Toolkit. This is an introduction to Electronic Recuiting.

Additional publications include: Given the great demographic transitions, we believe that becoming a successful Electronic Recruiter is a critical preparation for the next generation of Staffing problem. The rules have changed! Not because of the web, but because of the many generations of labor shortage we face.

We provide a consistent look at a quickly changing arena on a daily basis.

We are dedicated to
Defining Excellence In Electronic Recruiting

Spend some time poking around our site. You'll find over 5,000 pages of free information that chronicles the evolution of key web resources, consistently identifies the upcoming trends and newly developing needs in the Industry. - PO Box 2474 - Mill Valley, CA 94941 - 415.377.2255 (v) - 415.380.8245 (f) -