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    Back Issues, Weekly
    Week Ending: Dec 23, 1996
    December 22, 1995: Webcatcher
    As we keep saying, the best website gets you off the net the fastest. Another gem in the autowebsurfer category is Webcatcher. It runs around the net finding all of the new things for you. You specify the subject and how often it should report back to you. Pretty soon, everyone will be saying, don't call me, talk to my agent. No marketing intelligence operation should miss this.

    December 21, 1995: The Megalist
    Take a look at The Megalist for an interesting place to promote your site and an excellent example of Netscape 2.0 frames at work. Tightly integrated, all automated. Cool.

    Thought Experiment
    Could you make a completely empty page the most popular site on the Web by getting it enough inbound links?

    We've added a new article, The Shakeout and The Future to the archives. Let us know what you think.

    December 20, 1995: Web tutorials
    So, you've been pushing the boss to pay for a company website. It's the end of the year, the budgets are being finalized. You get 24 hours notice to pull your presentation together. Creating a Website will help you cover the development process. It's a great "bulleted" presentation in your basic corporate format. It's MCA's gift to the WEB.

    In a similar vein, Capstone Studios has provided a solid starter document called A Guide to Online Marketing. It's a useful tool if you need to give someone the "quick course".

    December 19, 1995: Fenix' A to Z
    MEME is a smart webzine. This week's issue features forecasts for 1996.

    FENIX Communications has provided a much needed intelligent piece called The A-Z of Website Design.

    December 18, 1995: Golden Link, Alta Vista
    For a different slant on Web Success stories, see Golden Link and their Golden Link Archives. They're both part of Media Central a weekly devoted to media and marketing. You can have Media central emailed to you weekly by filling out this form

    Give Alta Vista a thorough look. This brand new search engine appears to be more comprehensive than anything on the net to date. It's fast, thorough and easy. The older players had better catch up quickly.

    December 17, 1995: Tools for the web
    Although it sounds (and often is) too technical, Human-Computer Interface (HCI) studies are at the roots of effective web page design. Usernomics provides a comprehensive set of references to HCI resources around the web. Usernomics uses Ergonomic Marketing to design better products by insuring usability and marketability. It's heady stuff but worth a peek and definitely worth knowing about.

    You can tell that the engineers are in the ascendant on the web by the sheer number of new terms ending in -ility.

    Saqqara is in the process of delivering some exciting tools for the web. Their focus is the ordering of hard goods with complex options. They have a catalog / database web system (and the service and support) required to make your catalog offerings really work online. We found their Think Pad Demo Selection to be particularly illuminating.

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