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    Back Issues, Weekly
    Week Ending: Nov 11, 1995
    November 10, 1995: Great MouseTracks links
    From the American Marketing Association comes Mouse Tracks, another links collection. We found Indispensible Marketing Publications at the end of a string of links.

    Cool Tools:

    Text Mangler is a very neat online graphics and button creator. We made this little logo in about three minutes.

    mangled logo

    Nice service.

    November 9, 1995: The fear of the broadsheets
    Everything is Broken

    According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News and the Los Angeles Times have refused to publish an ad by Thompson Recruitment Advertisers for a "Virtual Job Fair". The Chronicle says:

    "Rejecting the advertisement is a sign newspapers see the Internet as a threat to their long standing dominance in advertising, said advertisers, perplexed by both companies' decisions."

    Now, think about everything that you've heard about promoting web sites in other media. It's beginning to look like not everyone thinks this is a great idea.

    We believe that this is restraint of trade.

    Not all one stop promotion tools are made the same. Check out Promote-a-Page and see if you agree with us that they've strayed a bit over the line. At the very least, their rhetoric needs a bit of polish. And their processes don't give feedback, so you can not tell whether or not your page has been registered anywhere.

    November 8, 1995: WDFM in Hall of Fame
    Web Digest for Marketers ( WDFM) is an indispensable resource for Web Marketers. We think that their approach provides a solid complement to 1st Steps by showing sound examples of Web Marketing by major players. The site is updated nearly daily (5x per week). You'll notice that we've added them to our Hall of Fame. It's long overdue.

    November 7, 1995: A1 Index
    Sense of humor, straightforward service offering and all the tools you need to do site promotion and marketing yourself....A1 Index provides these and more. I particularly enjoyed the Virtual Secretary and Design Your Own Home Page Online (they'll even email it to you for free) The site is an excellent example of how to layer services around a core. Great visuals, great information design, customer centered products, useful tools. Woweeee!

    November 6, 1995: Internet Ad Theory and more
    For a straightforward tour of Internet Ad Theory, see: The Internet Advertising Resource Guide

    For a well thought out approach to webpage development and pricing, see Ralph Wilson's 12 Design Decisions. You can also get a subscription to Web Marketing Today at Dr. Wilson's site.

    November 5, 1995: Browser Usage
    A reader was kind enough to point out thet the link to Interse wasn't working. Consider it fixed.

    Browsing back through their site, we found an interesting table in their Webtrends section:

    Browser Statistics
    Browser Usage Statistics (Percentages)

    We wish that the time frame was expanded, but this is solid data in a world that lacks it. Although Netscape's market drive is obvious, we're discovering that net presence is a function of the combination of linking and promotion. Given the drama in Netscape's rise, it seems likely that the feat could easily be reaccomplished in the short term.

    PS. If the table's fuzzy, hit your reload button. We're still learning how to do graphic tables and have had some problems with this one. Please accept our apologies if it's inconvenient.

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