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    Back Issues, Weekly
    Week Ending: March 23, 1996
    March 23, 1996
    One of our favorite monthly newsletters has found its way to the Web. The full text version of TRADEWINDS will now be available each month. TRADEWINDS is a synopsis of the past month's articles about the Web and Web marketing in the non-web Trade Magazines. Topics include advertising, insurance, aerospace, publishing, travel and many others. It's a great way to stay abreast of the rest of the world's perception of the Web.

    The March Issue includes a great summary of several articles from "Web nay-sayers". Acrosss several industries, the critics are beginning to emerge. Their central question is: Where's the return on investment on the Web?". We think the demands for measurable contributions from Web endeavors will increase rapidly.

    Bookmark TRADEWINDS; we've added it to our Hall of Fame.

    March 22, 1996
    Creative Media Cauldron offers plug-in playlets....Java without the hassle. The idea seems right, but the implementation seems limited to Windows Platforms.

    March 21, 1996
    Wired magazine pioneered the online publishing world with HotWired. The online enterprise is staffed with over 100 editors, writers and designers. In a surprising turnaround, they've launched Wired as a separate online enterprise. It's tough to explain and the brand differentiation problem will be a nightmare. But, if you compare Wired and HotWired you'll readily see the difference in the two markets (one is hip, one is more corporate). Growth and success bring interesting problems in this marketplace.

    March 20, 1996
    In an unusually muddled articled called Web design fundamentals: Building a Web site: Tools and tips, Mark A. Kellner, an Interactive Age freelance writer, suggest that the trouble with Corporate Websites is that management takes too little time to understand the technical details of HTML.

    Since Website responsibility is shifting into the hands of the Marketing Communications Department, Kellner argues, concern for consistency across browsers is lost in the shuffle. He suggests that the "cure" is to eliminate time saving software like Adobe Page Mill and focus on cross platform results.

    While we actively champion the Web as the technical enabler of a marketing revolution and avidly preach the importance of customer awareness, this argument seems silly. Given the rapid development pace of site architectural tools, cross platform issues are fading from prominence as rapidly as you can argue the case.

    We think it far more important that marketing professionals learn to navigate the new intimacies available with their customers. The technology is an implementation detail.

    March 19, 1996
    Frames may be the most significant HTML extension to date. They allow Web publishers to subdivide the browser window into two or more scrollable sections. When used well, they greatly improve navigation, allowing designated frames to remain stationary (creating permanent menu bars or ads) while other frames are used to browse documents. When used poorly, however, they just make a mess .

    It'll take reading a tutorial - especially if you're organizing an archive. Use frames carefully. It's easy to add bells and whistles without adding value

    March 18, 1996
    "Marketing is a dialog between customer and supplier." So says Shelly Reese in her article The Very Model of a Modern Marketing Plan which appears in the current issue of Marketing Tools Magazine. The article lists an interesting series of resources, tools and recommended readings.

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