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    Back Issues, Weekly
    Week Ending: Dec 16, 1995
    December 16, 1995: Tripod. Plus: How to mint customers
    Marketing channels seem to be infinite in this new medium. We are terribly impressed with Tripod as a mechanism for reaching GenXers (the post baby boom generation).


    Turning browsers into customers is a project of the Information Design Unit. Though we disagree strongly with their design approach in theory, the results are very interesting in practice. They still believe, strongly, in the idea of design consistency rooted in a welcoming page. We think that that's a carryover from print soon to be destroyed by search technologies. Still, a visit is strongly recommended. If you want clear and easy to understand design principles, Information Design Unit is definitely worth the visit.

    December 15, 1995: Censorship thoughts
    For the most comprehensive review of the web-censorship-pornography broohaha, see In Focus: Tightening the Net. So far, the conversation seems very one sided with the free speech advocates dominating the conversation. There remains a major hole in the discussion: What is the impact of the "decency" legislation on net-business? We're tempted to think that something, akin to zoning laws in local communities, needs to be developed. We find it interesting that cyberspace has stopped being a "place" to the very people who coined the term. Yes it's free speech but it's also having a porn shop and bordello right next to my home and business.

    There's a great line (for business people) from an old Bob Dylan song:

    I'm liberal, but to a degree
    I want everybody to be free
    But if you think I'd let Barry Goldwater
    Move in next door and marry my daughter
    You must be crazy

    December 14, 1995: WMO now in Hall of Fame
    We've added Who's Marketing Online to our must-read list in the sidebar. They bring a particularly useful article on Building Site Traffic to the fray this month. It's well worth the time and has an ever improving look and feel.

    When budgeting for site development and maintenance, traffic building is an overlooked and expensive part of the process.

    December 13, 1995: Infoworld
    Well, we weren't as back as we thought. Running a website means being at the mercy of a series of suppliers...phone companies, servers and so on. Really excellent customer service (our goal, if not our current performance) means being responsible for a huge number of variables that are only slightly under your control. Most website budgets (including ours, apparently) don't make enough room for the budgets necessary to entirely control your own destiny.

    Hopefully, this is the end of your service interruptions.

    Infoworld is turning into a very interesting online magazine. We find the opinion and insight that they offer to be consistently provocative and on target. Columnists and industry technical news in one tightly designed page!

    Does anyone else wonder why there are no business people involved in the net-censorship swirl?

    December 10, 1995: Samizdat.com
    We're back. A two week vacation, the worst storm in San Francisco history, power outages for days and holiday visits conspired to keep us from the update machine. Please accept our apologies if you've missed your daily fix of the latest news about marketing.

    We are big fans of the team at Samizdat.com. In particular, take a look at Real Results: the directory of successful Web sites. This is a collection of links to sites that work as economic engines and solid user interfaces. If you want success in this game, learn from the certified winners.

    November 27, 1995
    The Web Tools Review is a solid little collection of pointers with real editorial perspective. Check out Publicizing your Web Site which, in a few short sentences, offers a couple key pointers and some unconventional wisdom

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