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    Back Issues, Weekly
    Week Ending: March 30, 1996
    March 30, 1996
    Tidbits from this week.
  • The Wall Street Journal ran an extensive insert on the web. It's also online if you missed it. Catch up on the way the web is being presented to the executive suite (Registration required)
  • A Congressional Internet Caucus was formed. Regulation is coming to an Internet near you. Watch it unfold in an election year.
  • SeniorCom opened its doors. It offers an incredible wealth of information about the so called "seniors market". The market place is hot and Senior Living Newspaper also joined the fray this week.
  • The Exhibitor Network opened to offer tips and notes opn effective marketing at conferences.

    So, for all of the kicking, screaming and uncertainty, the Web seems to be flourishing and headed for the mainstream.

    March 29, 1996
    We're excited about the prospect of tailored and targeted micro-marketing. The idea that the ambiguities of broadcast advertising can be overcome is a thrilling prospect. We tend to imagine deeply tailored goods delivered through electronic channels to individuals and new distribution channels for industrial marketers. While we've been busy thinking about benefits and implementation, others have been looking hard at the risks.

    We had an abrupt shock late last night. Settling in for our midnight dose of C-span, we were delighted to find a press conference presented by a group called "The Center For Media Education" (no web page!) called Online Marketing and Advertising. The delight turned into amazement as we listened. The press conference was the announcement of the release of a report about the "manipulative uses of online marketing" in the kids' markets. The groups, including the National PTA, an international association of child psychiatrists, an online privacy organization and several others, joined together to protest the "invasion of privacy" that "is a part of 1 to 1 marketing".

    If you can figure out the C-span schedule, try to arrange a viewing of the program. If you are marketing to children online, call C-span and get a copy of the tape.

    Our perspective....Intimate Marketing requires the exchange of intimate information. Our tailors obviously know much more about us than the clerks selling off-the-rack suits. That implies that higher standards for safeguarding intimate information need to be considered and adopted. At the same time, no new technology is risk free. The temptation to see boogeymen behind every tree is as unproductive as the temptation to see no risk at all.

    Media Literacy is a sort of code word. It seems to mean something like "cutting through advertising propaganda ". The Media Literacy Online Project offers a solid guide to oragnizations that work in the area.

    March 28, 1996
    Another useful resource for customers is The Internet Help Desk. The clean layout and well written instructions are a blessing when confronting the normal hassles of being online. Now, instead of saying "You need to talk to some one else about your Internet connection." You can say, "Visit The Internet Help Desk at http://w3.one.net/~alward/. They're pretty good and generally include pointers that will help you solve normal problems."

    March 27, 1996
    Marketing is the conversation between customer and supplier

    In our current swirl of ever escalating technical hype, a large portion of that customer-supplier communication tends to be obscured by techno-jargon. We suggest that you point your customers to the Cook Report's Glossary. It's comprehensive and might even define a term or two that you don't know.

    March 26, 1996
    We go through the routine ritual of analyzing our web statistics with a combination of fear and joy. We're lucky enough to be building readership at the rate of 20% per month and have lots of interesting traffic patterns. The traffic statstics help us understand what works and what doesn't in ads, but the process is very manual. We actually think that "getting our fingernails dirty" by rooting through the statistics is a useful way to learn the patterns.

    Webtrends simplifies and automates some of the routine tasks that we devote hours to. Take a look at their offering which promises to take some of the hassle out of this important process. Everyone we talk to who uses it is a fan.

    March 25, 1996
    Bookmark The Weekly Guerilla, a weekly article on electronic marketing from Jay Conrad Levinson and Co. Levinson is the well known author of Guerilla this and that books (Marketing, PR, Financing and so on). The Weekly Guerilla is a component of a larger site devoted to the idea of Guerilla Marketing Online.

    March 24, 1996
    As you can see, we've picked up an advertiser. The Postmaster is a great service for getting started building a network of inbound links. For $500,Postmaster will ship your link information and a press release to over 350 sites. It provides, at a reasonable expense, what we think of as the foundation links. (You can't live without them, but they're not likely to make your business succeed, either.)

    If you're trying to build a long term franchise on the web, this is just the beginning. Long term audience development requires a routine supply of new content. Routine means at regular times, on a regular basis over the course of months and years.

    Take another look at Ralph Wilson's Internet Consulting Services. Wilson has patiently built a solid supply of Internet Design and Marketing Tutorials. As time passes, the accumulated value of the content on his site increases as a resource for beginners and experienced web Marketers.

    With recurring content and foundation links in place, a website is ready to begin solid long term placement and brand development.

    Final note....if you haven't yet, you should get a subscription to Wilson's regular newsletter. It's free by email.

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