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    Back Issues, Weekly
    Week Ending: Nov 04, 1995
    November 4, 1995: Measurements
    As long as we are in a thread about Audience measurement, a couple of resources worth popping through your filter:

    The American Association of Advertising Agencies has a routinely updated newsletter called BackChannel. They seem to do a good job of staying abreast of the trends in ads. They had a pointer to the new Nielsen-Media net population survey

    We also ran across yet another Traffic Measurement tool. WebAudit offers tracking for 10 discrete pages at no cost. Regardless of traffic. For $25/month, you can buy their more complex service that provides a larger range of page measurement.

    Like advertising, the pricing for traffic audits is all over the map. WebAudit has what seems like the right idea. Teach your customers. Then, bill them as they grow.

    November 3, 1995: The worth of online ads
    What's an online ad worth? That's a problem on both ends of the equation. How do you know what to charge an advertiser? How do you tell what to pay?

    Vidya's Guide to Paid Advertising is a decent place to start. The site offers a table of rates, advertisers and additional information.

    To add a little value to your site, try using these shipping/tracking forms. The html can be had by using the view source command in your browser:

    Shipping Co/Tracking #


    Enter your tracking number and hit ENTER

    November 2, 1995: I E Graphics
    So you're doing or redoing a website. You know the service you want to deliver and you've targeted your customers. How do you get the graphics right?

    Ian Evans sent me a note about his website. You can tell he's a graphics person becasuse the wait is endless. But, the material is worth a look. The site is called I E Graphics and his resume is impressive. A look at the site just might refresh your graphic thinking.

    It's made me wonder about the availability of a guide for working with a web illustrator. Graphics is like most technologies. The specialists are trained to see a single facet of the Enterprise.

    November 1, 1995: Traffic counters
    Who's counting the traffic? Here's a list of sites wrestling with making sense of Website traffic patterns.

    I'm sure that you know that this is no small battle. Lots of money wading in to try to get a handle on information consumption patterns. I wonder about the effectiveness of these measuring systems but have no doubt that they'll come to drive some web developments. For the most part, the firms try to measure attention and time spent at a website. If, as we see it, the goal of Web marketing is to reduce time, I wonder how they'll account for it.

    October 31, 1995: The Blacklist
    Blacklist of Internet Advertisers is well worth a look. These self-proclaimed guardians of the net have organized a working list of firms that have violated their rules.

    Right or wrong, the site is a great example of the difference between this media and others. The truth is that the Blacklist is as easy to find as your site. The power has clearly shifted in favor of the consumer in this medium. While it's been a long time coming, it makes for an environment that takes much getting used to. Study this site carefully.

    October 30, 1995: Steve O'Keefe
    Steve O'Keefe is a professional Internet Publicist. His site includes a series of useful columns on marketing and publicity on the net.

    October 29, 1995: Comprehensive phonebook
    Central Source Yellow Pages appears to have listed all of the business phone numbers in the US. Nice service.

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