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    Back Issues, Weekly
    Week Ending: Jan 13, 1996
    January 13, 1996
    Marketing Magic from Traynor Kitching and Associates features a solid piece on Targeted Marketing Be sure to read both Part 1 andPart 2. The Quick Index will guide you around this packed site. We like it as a dose of inspiration from time to time.
    We've been receiving a series of notes from customers who are having trouble getting the Customer Intimacy presentation. It's a curious thing. We've checked and rechecked the various links. If you're having trouble with the link, try either http://pomo.nbn.comcustint/ or http://www.interbiznet.comcustint/
    . Please let us know if you have a problem.

    January 12, 1996
    Laura Lemay is the very successful author of a series of books on HTML and Web publishing. The pros consider her the best in the business. Take a moment to look at Laura's Web Zone, her contribution to the Web.

    Though it's quite modest from a graphic design perspective, the site has the potential to change the way many small businesses approach to the Web. Among other things, Laura's Web Zone presents a series of working, downloadable and tailorable cgi scripts. (They're the next level of softare that allows your website to begin to behave interactively). As a marketer, Laura is smart enough to know that making her customers successful is the key to markets for her increasingly advanced books.

    So, if you're running a small enterprise and your HTML guru tells you that cgi scripts are too expensive, point towards Laura's Web Zone.

    In its simplicity, the site is a stellar model of a solid approach to marketing a product while putting your customers first. To take complete advantage of the material, you really need to own a copy of her books. With book in hand, you have a comprehensive and useful education system.

    This makes the site somewhat confusing to a visitor who hasn't bought the book. After some reflection, we decided that this is marketing savvy rather than bad site design. Laura has cleverly designed her material so that it works best if you are a paying customer.

    January 11, 1996
    Build traffic to your site with a daily newsfeed focused on your target audience. M/Group will send you the material daily, already HTMLed for $130/month. Sounds like it's worth a try.

    Tenagra comes through with a great one. In spite of its uninspired title, Print Publications Related to Business Use of the Internet appears comprehensive with pointers to sites of interest.

    January 10, 1996
    Sotheby's and Prudential both offer an interesting approach to using marketing as an educational tool. They let users interact with real or fictional characters who are using their services. The intricacies of each company's business are then explained by example. This would be a particularly useful technique for firms trying to market complex technical products to marketers.

    January 9, 1996
    New and changed this week



    January 8, 1996
    We're pretty excited about our latest seminar Customer Intimacy: How Websites Learn and What They Have To Teach. The presentation materials are included here for your review.

    January 7, 1996
    The One to One Future by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers is a fundamental textbook for marketers online. While the others spend their energy telling you about links and netiquette, Peppers and Rogers cut through the malarky to talk about the real business fundamentals. This is not a book about the web, rather, it's about building close relationships with your customers and how the game is changing. Their website marketing 1:1 is a great place to start.

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