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    Week Ending: Feb 17, 1996
    February 17, 1996
    Though we definitely don't recommend that you use their services, take a look at WebAudit. The range of info collection, guest book and traffic audit information are a very interesting mix. This is a reasonably sound business model for for an enterprise that wants to serve the small to medium sized Web Entrepreneur. The idea that guestbooks and conferencing can be hosted by a third party is a delightfully simple application of the Web's strengths. Unfortunately, customer service (on which a service like this must ultimately depend) seems to be WebAudit represents a targetable niche with the potential for high profitability.

    February 16, 1996
    Call us the download kids. The email said that the Disney site was up and running. Expecting a high quality marketing blitz, we "ran" over to look at the work of a graphics pro.

    As often as it happens, we're always surprised when we see the next generation. The Disney site uses every conceivable web plug-in and new technology. From a VR Map of Downtown Disney World to detailed Adobe Acrobat maps of all 46 acres in Orlando to Reservations and Park schedules, this delightful (if somewhat slow) piece of web magic will make the company money from the beginning.

    We've seen no clearer demonstration of the fact that Customer Service is a Marketing Function. The Disney website will almost instantly take a load off the in-house phone and reservation system. And, it's a tremendous proving ground for lots of things that sound gimmicky (like VR browsing).

    The site is also a model of embedded customer support. It's chock full of tips on how to upgrade your browser with the plug-ins and tools required to take full advantage of the resources provided.

    The reason we're now called the download kids? 90 minutes after we got to the site, we were still giddily getting and using new capabilities following the clear instructions. The VR tour of mainstreet is AMAZING.

    If you have clients whose browsing capabilities need upgrading, send them to Disney and they'll have fun while they're waiting.

    Even the Copyright Notice is a wonder to behold.


    February 15, 1996
    Comparison shopping for Web hosting services is nothing if not a major pain in the butt. We wish that there were a single source of performance and pricing data that made evaluations easy. Navisoft, however, seems to be on to something. The AOL subsidiary offers large server space, attached directly to a T3 line with an integrated database and site development tool for what seems to be a bargain price. Please take a look. It's the most sophisticated, yet easy to understand, offering that we've seen so far.

    February 14, 1996
    If you publish on the web, you will eventually run into copyright questions. Copyright Website aims to be your source for this evolving world. The site features a solid Copyright Tutorial as well as examples from the "Bleeding Edge". It's well worth a bookmark as a reference tool.

    A less engaging, more academic view of copyright is available at The ILT Copyright Guide

    February 13, 1996

    Why is it that the word "customer" seems to have been banished from net-jargon? While marketing is an intersting topic and profession, it's worth a couple of moments to consider the heart of marketing: customers.

    As a distribution channel, the Web has several interesting characteristics. The most important is the way in which customers and potential customers relate to a provider. The beauty of Web narrative and Websites is that they crawl directly under a customer's skin and into her heart. There's something deeply compelling about material read from a screen.

    The Web marketer is in a priveleged position with customers. Their interactions with the site happen on the most personal of levels. Though the similarities to direct marketing are profound, don't be mislead by statistics. Each one of those "statistics" is a living, breathing customer. It's terribly easy to raise their expectations too high and then disappoint them. The Web lets you in very close. Respect the privelege.

    21st Century Marketing offers tutorials and tools for prospecting for new customers. They sell mailing lists. But, as a part of their site, they offer a "visit" with Dr. Direct. We found this month's explanation of half-lives in Direct Marketing to be clear and informative.

    The Valentine's Day project has (to much acclaim) become the George Washington's Birthday Project. Everything else still applies.

    February 12, 1996
    Opportunity To Make a Difference

    Dave Winer is sponsoring a Valentine's Day project for the Net. Called 24 Hours For Democracy, the idea is to build a distributed Web page of essays about the Net and it's value in your life. As a marketer, the project offers the opportunity to make a statement and lead potential customers to your site. Take a look at 24 Hours For Democracy

    We're wrestling with the impact of the obscenity legislation on business, as you can see. Is it a good thing, a bad thing or just neutral? Why? Please take a moment to let us know what you think by sending a piece of email to market@interbiznet.com. We'll publish any notes we recieve as a part of the 24 Hours For Democracy project. If you want your URL highlighted in your note, please include it.

    February 11, 1996
    Adding access to major search engines increases the perception that your Website offers a variety of services. By using the "view source" command, you can copy the html for these two search engine access forms.

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