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    Week Ending: Mar 02, 1996
    March 2, 1996
    Industry Netconsistently provides useful tools for business to business marketers. They've recently annonced the "Indys"....awards for industry oriented websites. A tour of the entrants will refresh your memory about some of the greatest resources on the Web

    March 1, 1996
    Mid-day update. .... Java tracking. Watch a server scan your hard drive. or watch a server snoop on things you're doing....What do you think?

    Digital Creativity is a new on-line magazine from Cowles. The first issue features a great article about six San Francisco Web Design firms.

    February 29, 1996
    Got your Shockwave plug-in for Netscape 2.0 yet? While we still think that the CNN site sets the standards currently, there are lots of new entrants.

    An example of what not to do: Graham Morris Multimedia uses shockwave to make lots of spinning icons. After waiting for a 150K download, we were treated to morphing images with no particular function. We went looking for our motion sickness medicine.

    Following the Shocked Site of the Day should keep you abreast of what's possible with this new tool.

    February 28, 1996
    Web based phonebooks are getting interesting. The BigBook (pointed out by Mike Manning) calls itself "a whole new kind of Yellow Pages." And, it lives up to the bill. Each of the 11 million listed businesses comes complete with a printable map that shows the location of the enterprise (Wow!). They also offer a feee home page to any business filling out a form. Their financial model appears to be built around the sale of enhanced listings to the businesses.

    Another phone book business model comes from the Switchboard. Their initial focus is on residential listings.

    These two services are certain to raise lots of challenging questions about privacy and data access in the coming months. It's hard to imagine that creative Direct Marketers won't do some amazing things with each of these tools.

    February 27, 1996
    Web Quote of the week:

    Many of the pages are American - but the content is generally exellent.

    It's hard to remember that we're dealing in a global marketplace. The quote, lifted from The Direct Marketing Selector, ought to serve as a reminder. Unquestioned assumptions about your market can and do affect your audience's perception.

    Targeting an audience is easy to say but difficult to do. There's a degree of reflection required for continued market development in this media. Who are the customers, what do they want, what are their biggest frustrations, how can you involve them, what will keep them coming back.

    There are lots of questions, none of them have more than a temporary answer. Like any ongoing relationship, the answers change. The strength and durability of the enterprise may well be in the give and take.

    You have to think about your audience constantly.

    February 26, 1996
    Wouldn't it be great if marketing was glamorous all of the time? Unfortunately, our world is full of mundane things like getting the mail right. The US Postal Service offers a very useful set of business information. If you've found, as we have, that being effective on the Web somehow drives your postage budget through the ceiling, you'll be thinkful for their collection of business tips. They even include a section on Selling to the USPS.

    February 25, 1996
    How sturdy is the Internet? This morning's attempted equipment switchover by Pacific Bell managed to keep traffic to a bare minimum for most of the day.

    All of a sudden, we have to be experts in color printing and Electronic Prepress Anyone who has tried to wrestle images from the Web to a press kit has come face to face with the printing industry and the color process. Electronic Prepress offers a quick tutorial and a clever embedded coupon.

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