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    Back Issues, Weekly
    Week Ending: Nov 25, 1995
    November 25, 1995: Who's Marketing Online
    The resource growth continues to be amazing. Take a look at our latest discovery: Who's Marketing Online?. Positioned as a monthly newsletter, with a neat interface, WMO leads off with an Everything You Wanted to Know About Sponsorship. Great title, though the promised content is a little skimpy and the links don't work. Their site reviews are thorough, though one wonders what the relationship to Marketing is exactly. All said, WMO is liable to surprise you.

    November 23, 1995: Media Cyanide
    One of the things that is becoming most certain about the web...most businesses fail here.

    Media Cyanide is a useful example. Taking a quick look at their site, we give them high marks for attitude and irreverence. Unfortunately, the discipline required to continuously publish material seems to have eluded them. Too bad!

    The real costs in this medium are the recurring daily investments of time, energy and money. Otherwise, you end up with a rotting billboard that slowly tatters into nothingness.

    The Marketing Wheel of Fortune

    The latest in marketing delights...The word on the street is that you can buy a word in some of the major indexes. So, when a user searches the index for your word, you always pop to the top of the list. We bet that disclaimers and editorial policy statements are going to rapidly become a part of the Indexing services.

    November 22, 1995: Marketing Music On The Web
    It would be a wonderful world if marketing were really a generic subject. But, as is the case in the rest of the world, Electronic Marketing varies in its implementation by industry. Some things that work well in one arena are offensive or impractical in another. Marketing Music On the Web is a collection of links and essays that look closely at the Music Biz.

    November 21, 1995: Iconomics
    It's late. That great client you worked so hard to land just looked a your beta of the Website. Your ears are still ringing from the tongue lashing you took. The graphics are the problem.

    Iconomics appears to understand the real-world web design and marketing environment. They promise quick turnarounds and offer an interesting variety of art to sample. They work to spec and provide fast turnaround clip art.

    The site is a gem. The attitude is fresh and promising. A long look will expand your vision of what's possible and interesting.

    November 20, 1995: Everyware's Tango
    Everyware has launched Tango, a multi featured Web development tool. If you're trying to integrate complex features into your site, a look at their Solutions Index. It's an interesting array of Web products created using Tango.

    We're always fascinated by the tendency of any web conversation to digress into technical details. We'll be returning to a harder Marketing orientation now that we've gotten the "propeller-head" stuff out of our system. The integration of Marketing and technology is one of the many fascinating by products of this grand experiment.

    November 19, 1995: Font tips
    Tired of the same old Browser renditions of your text? An oft used trick is to emphasize using a GIF of text in a different font (and a transparent background). The Internet Font Archives include a huge and interesting pile.

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