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    Week Ending: Feb 10, 1996
    February 10, 1996
    Color matters. For a solid introduction to thinking about color, see Color Matters. The more time you spend with Web Design, the more you need to know about the subject.

    February 9, 1996
    Stupid (but useful) Netscape trick. If you are using a Netscape 2.0 browser, then parts of this sentence are Red and Bold. Great for real emphasis and guaranteed to be overused shortly.

    February 8, 1996

    The Web censorship question seems to be taking on the aura of political "limus test" much more rapidly than we'd imagined. Without resorting to a lengthy discussion of the question (We're generally opposed to censorship on principle), the importance of watching the issue merits a second note in under a week.

    In Dave Winer's current email (which is delivered to a very influential set of "Netsters"), a fascinating project is damned for not showing the blue ribbon logo. We find the behavior extreme but continue to reccommend that you subscribe to Dave's delightful DaveNet. (Just send mail to majordomo@wired.com with "subscribe davenetworld" in the message body.) Usually, DaveNet is a treasure chest of positive ideas about the future and potential of the Web.

    Please, take the question of your stand on free speech on the net very seriously. We don't assume that we can tell you how to think. We do expect that issue will become increasingly important to marketers and will be a key component of near term market segmentation. Given the Net's history and mythology, all web businesses will have to make a decision on this issue, one way or another.

    February 7, 1996
    For the latest in computer industry information, you need to make your way through the TechWeb. Brought to the Web by CMP (the publishers ofInformation Week and a dozen other industry titles), TechWeb is a densely packed, easily searchable tool for any player in this business. Their Marketing Dailyruns three or four short news items that are must-reads. Once familiar with the site, staying abreast of the changes gets easier.

    February 6, 1996
    This is the end of our experiment with listing new and changed sites each week. After a thorough revamping of the archives and a running start at the tools section, we offer it one last time. If you'd like to continue to see these items, drop us a line at changes@interbiznet.com


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  • Group Multimedia Network
  • Hamilton Consultants
  • McMonigle and Associates
  • MSI Consulting Group
  • Product Knowledge Inc
  • Finland House

    February 5, 1996
    The most overused color on the Web....Black. One of the best uses...Oddo Design. The text, as you come to expect with a heavy black background, is virtually unreadable. But, the Oddo Design pages are really an attempt to get you to navigate a site using a book as a metaphor. If you're looking for a beautiful site design, with some thought put into the construction, these may be the folks to do it.

    Ooooooops....the listing for A1 Index in our Feb. 1 Note was wrong. Take particular note of their tips page.

    February 4, 1996
    As advanced users get more complex in their daily interactions with the Web, some very interesting tools are emerging to make the workday a more integrated experience. Particularly impressive is CESoft's Web Arranger. It integrates the functions of a database, a planner (like ACT). a bookmark manager and an HTML Grabber. It's impressive and ends up being a great way to control to-do lists in a Web based business. You can download it free through Feb. 16.

    Web Arranger's integration is seamless with the embedded ability to grab info from the browser nicely woven into an extensive database. This is a nice piece of work.

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