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    Week Ending: March 09, 1996
    March 9, 1996
    Although we hardly reccommend their approach, the World Wide Web Marketing Alternatives organization has provided a usefulFAQ about Web marketing. Take a moment to review this FAQ. We heartily reccommend comparing what you know to be the truth with the conventional wisdom. This piece is a solid and effective statement of that common view. Do you agree with them?

    March 8, 1996
    The conventional wisdom is that a high volume of web traffic is the ultimate model for success in this medium. We favor a different view. We've been working with our clients on a simple thought experiment.....Imagine a website that only required one visitor to be a success. How would you design it?...market it?...keep it entertaining?

    Generally, the thought experiment leads to a conversation about the potential for very precise target marketing using this technology. The overhead in email, correspondence and customer service associated with hundreds of thousands of daily visitors can destroy your existing business.

    We like Conservative Gen X Magazine as an example of precise targeting. They also seem to be mastering a networked approach to providing services.

    Their Get A Job service functions both as an employment section of the magazine and a discretely functioning operation responsible for its own markting and revenue development. Take a close look at this operation. We think that it looks like a successful alternative to sprawling sites with an overabundance of traffic and a revenue shortfall.

    March 7, 1996
    The current issue of Web Week includes an article on advertising. How Creative Are Web Ads? 5 Experts Critique Medium. Given that the article interviews Madison Avenue pros, you can rest easy about the big boys succeeding in the near term. It's clear from the article that the Advertising Industry has only a tiny idea of the Web's potential.

    March 6, 1996
    Trying to stay abreast of the changing Web Design Landscape? Take a pass through these regularly updated periodicals and bookmark your favorites.

    March 5, 1996
    Newscorp is offering an elegant rated web directory. Add them to the list of sites you need to be linked to. Called Iguide, the site integrates news, chatrooms, pointers and a set of Net reviews called (cleverly) Insites. (Add your URL to their review list). We particularly liked their graphic design approach (which looks strikingly like our PROMOPHOBIA project from last fall.

    We were also excited to see that Communication Arts is using Iguide as an advertising forum. If they capitalize on their legacy, Communication Arts will be a delightful addition to the Web.

    March 4, 1996
    We've added an interesting description of the Internet Business Network to the site. We'd love your feedback.

    March 3, 1996
    If you're a regular reader, you've probably realized that we don't have many big Microsoft fans here at IBN. That's why you should be astounded by our rave review of the new Web browser from the folks in Seattle. Download a copy of the latest beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It's more compact and gentler on your hard drive. Though it doesn't support frames or Java (yet), it seems to avoid those nasty Netscape crashes.

    It's a surprisingly nice piece of work.

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