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    Back Issues, Weekly
    Week Ending: June 06, 1996
    June 6, 1996
    Internet History
    We're starting to develop a great respect for the leader of Digital Equipment Corp's Internet Division. They produced AltaVista, a great line of hardware and processors and now, they offer a consolidated History of The Net. Beginning with the dawn of man, the site traces the history of the net from the Conception of "one" and the invention of the abacus to today's swirl of chaotic experimentation and innovation. And, it's done with a tongue in cheek sense of humor that you don't usually find in a big company.

    So, why should a marketer care? Web History is one of the common bonds among us. We tend to work in a variety of industries and share technology and history in common. A project like Digital's History of The Net provides fertile ground for expanding the small talk of our industry. It also is a great source of material for your next introductory pitch. It's comprehensive enough to spur a lot of creative energy.

    Special thanks to Mike Manning and Linda Wilson who were kind enough to point out the errors in yesterday's links to TRADEWINDS. We need all the help and advice we can get.

    June 5, 1996
    Keeping Abreast
    Ever get the feeling that the Web is exploding and you're looking the other way? TRADEWINDS continues to be the single most consistently useful resource for tracking the evolution of the web across industries. Editor Ken Liss trolls industry trade magazines (in print) looking for useful web stories. TRADEWINDS provides short synopses of the stories with hot links back to the sites that inspired the material.

    This month's issue opens with a concise review of advertising, subscriptions and online sales as revenue models. It goes on to cover some interesting new trends in advertising delivery, banking, broadcasting and a host of other industries.

    June 4, 1996
    Internet Link Exchange
    We scoffed when we first saw Internet Link Exchange. The small company provides a rotating pool of banner ads. Organized as a cooperative, each member supplies a banner ad to the rotating pool and places a block of HTML in their pages. The Internet Link Exchange server then ships advertising to the site. The core premise is that all of the member Websites gain by promoting each other.

    This places Internet Link Exchange in a very interesting position. They are developing a shared database that describes advertising effectiveness, across a variety of sites. All in all, the benefits of using the service make it worth considering if you've got unused or unsold ad space.

    June 3, 1996
    WiReD Goes Public
    A more interesting test of the durability of the Web publishing model than Web Review's Demise will be the Initial public offering (IPO) of stock in Wired Ventures, Ltd. The parent company of Wired, HotWired and Suck recently filed an "S-1" declaring its intentions. (The "S-1" is an interesting and very long document that will make useful boilerplate if you're considering taking your campany public.)

    June 2, 1996
  • Get a subscription to WebServer, a new bi-monthly magazine from Computer Publishing Group. The current issue includes solid articles on Web Security and a Java Tutorial. The material is perfect for a marketer trying to stay abreast of fast changing technical capabilities.

  • "Ads are the cave art of the 20th Century" - Marshall McCluhan. So opens the Sponsored Site of The Day a treasure that discusses and profiles sponsorhip and sponsorship issues. It's a very useful addition to your toolkit.

  • NetDay gets better and better. It now includes WebPointer, a solid directory of the Web's best and Business.net, a very useful collection of material about online business.(including a very nice counterpoint to our comments about net advertising last week).

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