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Hodes iQ Releases New Research Report

(March 31, 2010)

Hodes iQ Releases New Research Report, Highlights Talent Management Views from Over 250 Corporate HR Leaders

Many admit they don't have the technology in place to be competitive when the economy recovers

Hodes iQ, Bernard Hodes Group's award-winning talent acquisition and management product, has recently published a new research report compiled from their Talent Management Strategies Outlook 2010 Survey. The report details information from over 250 corporate HR leaders on the state of talent management in their own companies and their views on hiring activities, technology, social media usage and more.

The "Talent Management Strategies Outlook Survey 2010: Recruitment, Retention and Recovery - The Three New R's" report provides insight into employee retention and keys to adopting talent technology, as well as how Web 2.0 and social networking are transforming today's talent management initiatives.

Some of the survey key findings are:
  • 58% of respondents expect retaining top talent to be more difficult in 2010, with nearly half anticipating a spike in turnover as the economy continues to recover.

  • 35% of companies are dissatisfied with their current talent management solution ; many are not using its full capabilities due to expensive add-ons or complicated features.

  • Over one in three respondents feel unsure that they have the technology in place to find and hire the best talent available in 2010.

  • Over half expect to use Web 2.0 and social networking technologies more aggressively in 2010, but over a third admit they don't have a solid grasp on the best ways to leverage it.

  • Nearly 40% have budget increases geared mainly towards leadership development, talent acquisition and employee engagement strategies.
"This research provides valuable insight for corporate HR teams on what their "talent" competitors are thinking and what direction they should take next," said Dwaine Maltais, senior vice president, e-Recruiting Solutions. "These survey results, especially emphasizing the need for practical Web 2.0 solutions, are right in line with what we are seeing in the marketplace. For example, our own Recruiting Widget product, which leverages social media, blogs and more, have peaked client interest and adoption over the last several months. People are still struggling with how to leverage social networking and are looking for guidance along with an easy and safe way to get started."

The research also highlights candidate and employee trends, how companies of different sizes view their talent management needs, and where companies are placing their largest investments in 2010 and why.

Take your talent management technology to the next level and be prepared. Normally a $299 value, Hodes iQ is offering a complimentary copy for a limited time only.

Download your free copy of "Talent Management Strategies Outlook Survey 2010: Recruitment, Retention and Recovery - The Three New R's" now. To learn more about the Hodes iQ Recruiting Widget, visit

About Hodes iQ
Hodes iQ makes talent management work for companies that know what they want from a talent management system by delivering flexible software solutions for talent acquisition, candidate sourcing, onboarding, career websites and recruitment process improvement. Hodes iQ also integrates seamlessly with best-of-breed solutions for performance management, succession planning, assessment and background checks. Hodes iQ is supported by superb customer service, best-practice consulting and decades of experience through Bernard Hodes Group, offering unparalleled expertise in the recruitment marketing and employment branding industry. Hodes iQ offers several product lines for the Fortune 1000 and mid-sized companies, as well as growing businesses. Hodes iQ is on the Web at

About Bernard Hodes Group
Bernard Hodes Group, a leading fully integrated talent solutions provider, offers solutions that often combine multiple service offerings from the Company's core competency areas: Recruitment Marketing; Sourcing/Response Management; Hiring Process Re-engineering; and Staffing Technology (see All solutions are developed and measured within the company's 360-degree process methodology. The company is headquartered in New York, with over 80 offices and affiliates around the globe. Bernard Hodes Group is a part of Omnicom Group, Inc. (NYSE - OMC). Omnicom is a leading global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company. Omnicom's branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide advertising, strategic media planning and buying, interactive, direct and promotional marketing, public relations and other specialty communications services to over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries. Bernard Hodes Group serves thousands of clients in virtually every industry, helping them to attract and retain talented workers in every skill set.

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