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Motivating Your Sales Force

(January 19, 2010) - Companies Struggle with How to Motivate Sales Force

Nothing can be more demoralizing to a sales force than a complicated, confusing, convoluted sales compensation plan. To help streamline sales compensation design, WorldatWork, a global association of human resources practitioners, has just published a new book, Sales Compensation Made Simple by Joseph DiMisa, Sales Force Effectiveness Practice Leader for Sibson Consulting, the strategic HR consulting Division of The Segal Company.

Simple plans that have simple 'line of sight' still carry the greatest resonance. And incentive plans that can be easily discerned and executed are always the most effective. In the early stages of economic recovery, many organizations rely heavily on their sales force to recoup lost revenue. During this critical time, organizations need to ensure they are able to properly motivate their sales force in order to achieve positive results. The best place to start is with the design of the sales compensation plan. Sales Compensation Made Simple shares not just best practices, but also interactions and observations about how sales organizations work. DiMisa gives readers an insider's look, based on decades of experience as a consultant and practitioner.

"I believe there's a difference between being complex, with many moving parts, and being complicated. You do not need to have numerous measures, mechanics and linkages to ensure good performance," DiMisa said. "Simple plans that have simple 'line of sight' still carry the greatest resonance. And incentive plans that can be easily discerned and executed are always the most effective."

Compensating the sales staff can require more nuance than other groups of employees, and more decision-makers may be involved. For HR professionals, corporate executives, sales professionals and even finance managers, Sales Compensation Made Simple is a resource for readers to confidently participate in discussions, knowledgeably ask questions and bring insight to the plan design critique.

Sales Compensation Made Simple by Joseph DiMisa of Sibson Consulting. WorldatWork Press. 2009. Softcover. ISBN: 9781579632144. $29.95 USD Premier Member and $34.95 USD Nonmember.

About WorldatWork The Total Rewards Association
WorldatWork is a global human resources association focused on compensation, benefits, work-life and integrated total rewards to attract, motivate and retain a talented workforce. Founded in 1955, WorldatWork provides a network of more than 30,000 members and professionals in 75 countries with training, certification, research, conferences and community. It has offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Washington, D.C.

About Sibson Consulting
Sibson Consulting, a Division of Segal, provides strategic human resources solutions to corporate and non-profit employers. Sibson's services include benefits, compensation, talent and performance management, communications, sales force effectiveness and change management.

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