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(September 11, 2002) - Today is a time for reflection. We scheduled an air flight from Dallas to San Francisco for the afternoon. It's hard to imagine a better place to sort things out than a seat in the air for several hours. Frankly, it seemed like a matter of principle.

Our oldest daughter is spending her second week at her new address, two blocks from Ground Zero. A political creature at heart, she has chosen to study the culture and its propensities for change near the heart of the change. Encouraging her to be there also seemed like a matter of principle.

We're on the way home from a remarkable day in a small room with a dozen of the brightest minds actually leading HR Organizations. The subject there was principles. We gathered together to talk about what it takes to make HR a real strategic function in the organization. We reaffirmed our belief that there are some HR leaders who are central to the strategic success of their companies. Figuring out how to extend that impact has always been a central component of our mission.

It's almost a religious process. First, you have to believe that the Human Capital function really does or could contribute strategic value to the company. Then you have to get the other executives to share your belief. Business is a 'show me' world, so the communications must include active demonstrations of the value that can be delivered. And, you have to do it over and over again.

The past year has contained lessons in persistence and loss for everyone. Taking frugality and concern into the coming uptick is a way to memorialize our shared commitment to excellence.

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