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The 2003 Human Capital Index is a study that comprehensively analyzes the Electronic Recruiting Industry, its trends, company strategies, market opportunities and investment possibilities.

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The 2003 Human Capital Index is interbiznet's Annual Industry Analysis, written by John Sumser. Sumser consolidates nine years of ongoing research into a digestible volume of clear data. The report provides an historical overview of the growth of the Industry and predicts the upcoming trends.

Shipped in six bi-monthly installments, the Human Capital Index offers a single point of reliable information on the statistics, trends, and strategies that drive the Human Capital Marketplace. Purchase the Subscription of six segments for $995.00.

interbiznet has a proven track record for providing invaluable market intelligence. You need an integrated strategy for cost-effectively incorporating sales and growth.

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Series Titles:

  •    Best Practices In Human Capital
  •    Employment Branding Toolkit
  •    Trends and Forecasts
  •    The Industry: Statistics and Insights
  •    Human Capital Strategy Guide
  •    Miscellaneous Topics

Download a copy of the 2003 Trends: Human Capital Marketplace from the 2003 HCI (Adobe Acrobat Required).

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The 2003 Human Capital Index

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