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Quietly, hidden behind the Internet hype, a surprising revolution is taking shape. Recruiting, the process of finding new employees, is going digital.

In December, 1996, there were:

  • 1 Million Resumes Online
  • 1.2 Million Jobs Offered
  • 3500 Employment Websites
  • 5800 Firms Recruiting Online

The question is no longer "whether to use the Internet". Any firm interested in acquiring the highest qualified employment candidates must instead ask:

"How do we optimize our Electronic Recruiting investment?"
The 1997 Electronic Recruiting Index is the second in IBN's annual series of reports. It comprehensively analyzes the players, processes and possibilities in Electronic Recruiting. It is a combination management tool, industry analysis and implementation guide.

The report also compares and contrasts the features, services and market strategies of the Top 100 Electronic Recruiters. A list of those services and categories was published during the week of January 27, 1997 in the Electronic Recruiting News

Each volume in our series builds on the insights and analysis of prior editions. The 1997 edition may be ordered as a standalone tool or bundled with our earlier work.

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Defining Excellence In Electronic Recruiting

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