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Recruiting News for the Human Resource Professional

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Recruiting News for the Human Resource Professional

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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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    Long Weekend

    (May 24, 2002) - Before you pack up for the long weekend, take a look at the detailed Table of Contents of the 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index. This Analysis provides mandatory reading for serious players in the Industry. Volume Two is a CD Rom Database that provides a detailed review of over 300 companies in the game. They may provide services to your company or be your competition - in either case you need to know about them.

    2002 Electronic Recruiting Index - Table of Contents

    Volume One

    Chapter 1: Industry Overview and Statistics

      1.0      Industry Overview & Statistics
      1.1      2001 in Review
      1.1.1   Events that Shaped the Industry
      1.2      Market Definition: Human Capital
      1.2.1   Revenue in 2001 (Industry Wheel)
      1.3      Sector Performance in Recession
      1.4      The Labor Shortage Continues
    Chapter 2. Job Board In A Box Companies

      2.1   Introduction
      2.2   Functions
      2.3   JBIB Providers
      2.4   Matrix Of Providers and Functions
      2.5   Conclusions and Recommendations
    Chapter 3: The Regional Job Board: A Close Look At Six MSAs

      3.1   Introduction
      3.2   Terms And Definitions
      3.3   Methodology
      3.4   Conclusions
      3.5   Data
    Chapter 4: The Labor Shortage Continues

      4.1      Introduction
      4.1.1   The Industry: Players and Definitions
      4.1.2   Players
      4.1.3   Job Postings
      4.1.4   Affiliated Services
      4.2      Hot Jobs
      4.3      Building an Alternative
      4.4      Conclusions
    Chapter 5: Trends and Predictions

      5.01   Continued Decentralization of HR
      5.02   Emergence of Recruiting Software Market
      5.03   Applicant Tracking that Makes Sense
      5.04   Data Syndication
      5.05   Gen4 Computing
      5.06   The Proactive Passive Candidate
      5.07   Monetizing the Candidate
      5.08   Databases as Gateways
      5.09   Look Who's Coming to Dinner
      5.10   The Role of Assessment
      5.11   Trade Shows
      5.12   Real Marketing
      5.13   Simplicity
      5.14   Failure of the CRM Metaphor
      5.15   Integration of Real Marketing Data
      5.16   Credentialed Recruiters
      5.17   A Role for Staffing Firms
      5.18   Near Term Labor Supply Problems
      5.19   Organizational Responses To Empowered Negotiators
    Chapter 6 Market Opportunities

      6.01   Investment Parameters
      6.02   The Rollup Companies
      6.03   Regional Job Board Consolidation
      6.04   ATS Interface
      6.05   Job Board Franchises
      6.06   Niche Specialization
      6.07   Professional Associations
      6.08   Local Ad Agencies
      6.09   Services: Data Maintenance and Data Supplements
      6.10   Data Gateways
      6.11   Other Opportunities
    Chapter 7: Design Principles for Company Employment Sites

      7.1     Site Design 101
      7.2     Elements of a Good Job Listing
      7.3     Profiles vs. Resumés
      7.4     Content
      7.5     Community
      7.6     Surveys
      7.7     Feedback
      7.8     Forums
      7.9     Craigslist
      7.10   F*ckedCompany
      7.11   Taxtalent
      7.12   Privacy
      7.13   Some Notes on Use and Usability
      7.14   Case Studies
    Chapter 8: Stock Market Companies

    Volume Two

      A CDRom containing
          - a database of detailed evaluations of over 300 critical vendors with contact information.

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