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The 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index is a study that comprehensively analyzes the Electronic Recruiting Industry, its trends, company strategies, market opportunities and investment possibilities.

The 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index

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Since 1996, John Sumser and the team at interbiznet have been bringing you the most in-depth and up-to-date thinking in the recruiting industry. This year, we continue our tradition of excellence with the 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index.

The 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index is by no means a simple updating of last year's numbers. Rather, each new Index is the result of exhaustive research covering the trends, events, and players shaping the future of the recruiting industry, and builds upon the results covered in the Indexes of previous years.

The Electronic Recruiting Index is the single source of information for Investors, Vendors, Corporate Recruiters and Staffing Firms on the Electronic Human Capital Marketplace. The report contains:

  • Industry Overview and Statistics
  • Job Board In A Box Companies
  • The Regional Job Board: A Close Look At Six MSAs
  • Developing a Competitive Alternative
  • Trends and Predictions
  • Market Opportunities
  • Design Principles for Company Employment Sites
  • Stock Market

  • A CDRom containing
       - a database of detailed evaluations of over 300 critical vendors
    with contact information.
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The 2002 Electronic Recruitng Index

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