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The 2000 Electronic Recruiting Index is a 2 Volume, 800 page study that comprehensively analyzes the Electronic Recruiting Industry, its trends, company strategies, market opportunities and investment possibilities.


2000 Electronic Recruiting Index:
Performance and the Emergence of the Middle Market

The 2000 Electronic Recruiting Index is the perfect companion to our latest edition, the 2001 Electronic Recruiting Index. Be sure to check Special Pricing for both sets.

Each year, interbiznet.com delivers a comprehensive analysis of the Electronic Recruiting Industry.

The 2000 Electronic Recruiting Index (ERI), builds on the material contained in the 1999 ERI. While the 1999 ERI focused on the internal mechanics of operating an employment website, the 2000 ERI takes a larger view of the marketplace, evaluating customer and vendor types, the range of available functionality, stock market performance and 250 company reviews. An assessment of these companies' contribution to an 'end-to-end solution' is included in each review.

During the past year the Recruiting Industry has seen vast financial growth and maturation. We have witnessed incredible alliances, successful IPO's, and the introduction of many deep pocket players. This is just the beginning.

Quick access to accurate information when it is needed is one of the hallmarks of a successful enterprise in the New Economy. Nowhere is this more evident than with companies that have a web presence. Not having the right information at the right time is a recipe for failure - be sure to have this vital Industry Analysis on your desk now.

The 1999 Electronic Recruiting Index (ERI) has been used by financial analysts to determine the present and potential value of Industry leaders. Industry CEO's glean strategic advice and avoid costly business errors by reading this one of a kind in-depth report. IBN's database of 1999 ERI customers reads like a who's who of the Electronic Recruiting Industry.

The 2000 ERI continues to define the Industry and the major players influencing it. For further information on the 2000 ERI:

Keep reading the Electronic Recruiting News for John Sumser's energetic insights into the complex world of Electronic Recruiting.

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