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HC Networks III - The Frontend
August 08, 2002) -
We recently heard the acronym ATS unbundled as "Avoid Talented Seekers" because of the miserable job they do linking advertisements to the opportunity to apply for the job. As an experiment, we'd suggest that you take a moment to go visit one of your ads on a job board. Click through the process that takes you to your site. If, as is usually the case, the process of applying for the advertised job takes more than three or four clicks, you ought to consider, as many are doing, turning off the application process on your site and settling for what the job board will provide. 

More clicks means fewer applicants. Only the most desperate will take the 10 or 15 clicks required to apply for the job that they knew they wanted when they read the ad. While you may wish to route some of your candidates through a rigorously boring process (to weed out those without initiative), this procedure should not be standard, particularly in specialty expert areas or hard to fill slots.

ATS mangle many things.

One feature that you should pray for in your system is a tool that provides a front end analysis like the one we described yesterday. Although a number of the JAD companies are beginning to deliver "sourcing analysis" information, it only pertains to your current advertising vehicles. An ATS ought to be able to help you mine data about your sources in the more tangible networks that provide you with the HC Flow. The ATS should readily answer the following questions:

Where do applicants come from by company and/or region and or educational institution?

With appropriate tracking and measurement, it's an easy step to have a standard report that covers relative success, by department, of applicants by source. 

With that data, you can begin to look for the people who are connectors in those networks and place a special focus on winning their hearts and minds.

 -John Sumser


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