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    e-Recruiting & Performance

    (January 18, 2002) What is the link between e-recruiting and performance?

    There are two levels to the question:
    a. Recruiting Performance
    b. Workplace performance of workers
    At it simplest, e-recruiting makes recruiting happen faster. The industry's obsession with automation has sliced every possible second out of the equation. The mundane tasks of data acquisition, repetitive form-filling, tracking, prioritization and coordination have been automated to a science. Unfortunately, the real gains in recruiter productivity are yet to be seen.

    The next real improvements in recruiting productivity will come with the adoption of the currently counter-intuitive notion that recruiting can be accomplished 30 days in advance of the actual need for a worker (this allows adequate turnaround time for orientation and processing so that the required worker is available exactly when needed.) As it was in the physical inventory management side of the enterprise, old timers simply don't believe that this type of performance is possible. It does involve methodical consideration and planning of sources, potential availabilities and detailed requirements in advance of the process. It has already happened throughout the rest of the organization.

    The benefits in the actual workplace are a tighter mesh of requirements and workers with the ability to track the quality of a given source. Coming improvements will include the real optimization of project work across the organization and meaningful management metrics.

    What are the change management issues associated with e-recruiting?

    As in most change management settings, there are several general layers:
    a. Beliefs
    b. Technical
    c. Processes and Procedures
    d. Skills
    e. The change process itself (planning)
    f. Commitment to Continuous Improvement
    g. Existing political structures

    Without boring into tremendous detail, we are clear that the easiest way to manage the resistance to change implicit in e-recruiting is to focus on skills development, technical training and infrastructure and the commitment to continuous improvement of the process. These elements will lead to changes in belief, the revision of processes and modifications to the political structure.

    - John Sumser

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