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    Wowie Zowie: PSFT Gets Merritt

    (December 10, 2001) We wondered. Doug Merritt, one of the industry's most profound thinkers and doers, was given a second seat at the company he founded, Icarian, during this past spring. It didn't seem very likely that he would hang around all that long. While Icarian did what it needed to do (and is probably stronger for the decision), it left Doug without substance to chew on.

    In a brilliant strategic move, Peoplesoft has picked Doug to head its Human Resources Management Systems division.

    PeopleSoft Inc. today announced it has hired Doug Merritt as vice president 
    and general manager for PeopleSoft's industry-leadingHuman Resources 
    Management Systems (HRMS) product division. Merritt's proven domain 
    and management expertise will drive PeopleSoft's future strategic direction,
    building on the company's thought leadership and dominant position
    in the human resources (HR) applications market.

    Merritt joins PeopleSoft with more than 14 years of unique experience in the software industry. Most recently, Merritt was founding president and CEO at Icarian, a Sunnyvale company that offers internet-based workforce lifecycle software. During his tenure as CEO, Merritt earned his reputation as a visionary in the HR applications market. Prior to that, Merritt worked at Patrol Software as director of sales, which was later acquired by BMC Software. Additionally, he served as the first head of western region sales and marketing at PowerSoft. Merritt has also held positions at Oracle and Andersen Consulting, after earning a degree in Business from the University of the Pacific.

    (from the Peoplesoft Press Release)

    Currently, the Recruiting/Applicant Tracking functionality that is a part of Peoplesoft 8.0 is rearranging historic client relationships and fueling Peoplesoft's reputation as an up and comer in the industry. With the addition of Merritt, the firm should begin to be poised to grow outside of its captive markets of current customers.

    Currently, it's clear that the bulk of growth in the industry will be awarded nearly equally to Recruitsoft, BrassRing and Hire.com (check out the buyers' survey in the 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index). Executives at those companies should brace themselves for an onslaught of innovation from Peoplesoft and real competitive behavior by the end of 2002.

    We're excited to see that Doug's voice, vision and performance is staying in the industry. Peoplesoft should be congratulated.  

    - John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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