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    Buyers Survey:ATS Market Shares

    (December 07, 2001) You might remember that we conducted an ATS Marketplace Buyers Survey with the help of Hire.com in October and November (as a part of our research for the  2002 Electronic Recruiting Index). The preliminary data is being digested with some interesting results.  The full report will be a chapter in the 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index. Executive summaries are being shipped to all survey participants at the end of this week.

    The survey focused on the Fortune 2000 and covered a range of topics including:

    • Source Of Current ATS Capabilities
    • Satisfaction With Current Services
    • Purchasing Plans
    •     Under Investigation
    •     Planned For This Year
    • Budget
    • Vendors Under Consideration
    • Internet Recruiting Strategy
    • Awareness of Talent Supply Management Techniques

    We were able to develop current and future market share forecasts using the data. Today, on a national level, market shares look like:

    Vendor Share Market  Growth Vector
    Alexus 0.9% Down
    BrassRing 4.5% Sharply Up
    Hire.com 3.6% Sharply Up
    Horizon 0.9% Down
    HotJobs 1.8% Down
    Icarian 0.9% Down
    Monster 2.7% Sharply Up
    PDS 0.9% Down
    Peopleclick 1.8% Down
    Peoplesoft 4.5% Sharply Up
    PERMS 0.9% Down
    Personic 0.9% Flat
    PureCarbon 0.9% Down
    Recruitsoft 0.9% Sharply Up
    Restrac-Webhire 18.1% Sharply Down
    Resumix 5.5% Sharply Down
    SAP 1.8% Down
    Skillset 2.7% Sharply Down
    Tracker 0.9% Sharply Down
    Utlipro 0.9% Sharply Down


    If you add these numbers, you'll find that they fall significantly short of 100%. That is because, in a clear indication of the marketing failure of the Applicant Tracking Systems companies, over 15% of our respondents couldn't remember the name of the company that provided their ATS!

    In addition, the degree to which these shares are in flux can not be overstated. The data leads us to  expect a radical decline in the year ahead for Restrac-Webhire, Resumix, Skillset, HotJobs, Alexus, Tracker and Utilipro. Profound Share growth will be experienced by Brass Ring, Hire.com, Recruitsof and Peoplesoft. 

    The detailed data shows wide variations in market penetration based on region and customer size. 

    The final report will ship on January 15th as a component of the 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index. It will be useful for 

    • HR Departments as a Benchmarking Tool For Budgets and Initiatives
    • For Market Planners as a way to focus sales endeavors
    • For Investors as a way of gauging the reality of revenue forecasts
    • For Vendor Executives as a means to manage their marketing and sales activities.

    - John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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