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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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    How To Compete

    (January 14 , 2002)  We are very proud of the 2002 Electronic Recruiting Index , our Annual Industry Analysis. The sixth in a series, the 2002 ERI manages to present a coherent, comprehensive view of our exploding industry and its future. 
  • This year's work focuses on an exhaustive evaluation of the Top 325 Public and Private firms in the arena (in a database for the development of comparisons), a buyers survey, industry sizing, recruiting strategy, M&A details and a number of other significant pieces. A key component of the report will be a section that covers viable market opportunities, acquisition targets and expanding niches.

    One of the reports really tickles us. Imagine seeing the names of all of the competitors and their "taglines" in a single report. We've organized the deliverable database so that you can compare traffic, pricing, alliance networks, partnerships, investors, functionality, current threats, near term opportunities or inherent weaknesses.

    Scheduled to ship this month, the Electronic Recruiting Index will be the single source of information for Investors, Vendors, Corporate Recruiters and Staffing Firms. As It Currently stands, the report will contain:

    Chapter 1: Industry Overview and Stats
         2001 In review
         Top 50 events OF 2001
         Market Definitions
         Industry Revenue in 2001 and five year forecast by segment
         Job posting Volume
         Resume volume
         Recession Impact
         Applicant Tracking Systems Market
         CRM metaphor
         Monetizing the candidate
         Key Investors

    Chapter 2: Job Board In A Box Companies

    Chapter 3: Regional Job Boards

    Chapter 4: Trends and Forecasts

    Chapter 5: Public Company Performance

    Chapter 6: Market Opportunities and Acquisition Targets

    Chapter 7: Design Trends in Corporate and Vendor Job Boards / Employment Sections

    A CDRom containing 
          - a database of detailed evaluations of over 300 critical companies and, 
          - detailed stats on 400 regional job boards in 5 MSAs including volume and contact info

    - John Sumser

    New interbiznet Briefs

    interbiznet is now offering single topic reports for the Industry.

    The first offerings are:

       The 21st Century Advertising Agency
       Recruitment Branding Part I
       Recruitment Branding Part II - The Mechanics

    Email Colleen Gildea for your copy in PDF Format.

    View Table of Contents at http://www.interbiznet.com/briefs/.

    Order Today. Only $24.95.

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