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Top Tens

(December 20, 2007) While scouring the net for the most interesting Top 10 Lists, it was impossible to pass up the great line up John had last year. He pulled together ten Indusry Leaders to give their take on 2006. It still makes interesting reading. Perhaps it is even more intereting as 2007 comes to a close.

  • 2006 Top Ten

  • Here are Amitai Givertz's takes on the most important things in 2006. He asks and wrestles with tough questions on his blog, Recruitomatic
      - Talent Wars: "Hype-or-Inflation?"
      - Business Matters: Kenexa Moves Up the Food Chain
      - Help-wanted: Gimme a Posting, Daggit!
      - HR Consulting: A Cottage Industry
      - A Big Brother: Who, What Is An Applicant?
      - Publishing: Old Media, Job Boards. On Again, Off Again.
      - Social Networking: Coming of Age
      - Human Capital: What's In Your Wallet?
      - Recruiting Blogs: Imminent Domain
      - Search: Return of the Body Snatchers
  • 2006 Top Ten (V2)

  • Here are David Hurst's, the extremely British publisher of OnRec, Top 10 for 2006:
      - Acquisitions
      - Global
      - Generalist sites
      - Niches
      - Technology suppliers /Applicant tracking
      - Blogs et al
      - Google
      - Education
      - Corporates
      - Government
  • 2006 Top Ten (V3)

  • Our third trend spotter is Scott Dow, CEO of the Empower Network.
    Here are Scott's Top Ten for 2006:
      7 things that happened…

      - Economic growth slows to 3.1% - Proof of the demographic reality
      - Luke 12:48 - Jobster buys another couple years.
      - Swing to the Left (Democrats gain control house and senate)
      - The Monster mash
      - Proliferation of contract recruiters.
      - OFFCP
      - Blah, blah, blog!

      …and 3 things that didn't

      - No clear leader in the recruitment outsourcing arena emerged
      - Large temp labor companies still struggling with outsourcing
      - Private equity hasn't flexed its muscle yet
  • 2006 Top Ten (V4)

  • Kevin Wheeler

  • 2006 Top Ten (V5)

  • Hank Stringer

  • 2006 Top Ten (V6)

  • Tim Driver

  • 2006 Top Ten (V7)

  • Steve Levy

  • 2006 Top Ten (V8)

  • Martin Snyder

  • 2006 Top Ten (V9)

  • Don Ramer

  • 2006 Top Ten (V10)

  • Hans Geiskes

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