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BoB v76 (Best of the Blogs)

(June 23, 2006) 
  • Google's job search ... and why their recruiting works
    This may be old news, but I just noticed today that when you visit Google and type in 'company name jobs', a little job search engine pops up.  Try it.  Intel jobsMicrosoft jobs, Google jobs.  Some company names don't work though.  The search engine didn't pop up for a few of my choices:  Dell jobs, Electronic Arts jobs, Facebook jobs, Apple jobs, etc.  The search results aren't as good as those of a vertical job search site like Indeed or SimplyHired, but it's interesting to see Google is trying to tap into the job search market.  I hadn't noticed that before.

    Speaking of Google, I saw this link on Jim Stroud's blog in which an Amazon employee (who has now left the company) highlights lessons other companies can learn from Google's recruiting approach:  Google's Secret Weapon.  Interesting read.  Here's my favorite excerpt because it gets to the point of why JobSyntax exists. (That would be "to teach engineers how to be better recruiters," for those of you have not been reading along at home. (JobSyntax)

  • 3 Levels of HRO
    Quickly emerging are three clear types of HRO services. There is the basic HRO, full HRO and integrated BPO. Basic HRO is mostly for mid-sized organizations and organizations with fewer than 20K employees. Full HRO may be for any larger organization with a more developed HR function while integrated BPO serves the same market.

    What's the basic HRO package? Well, there are specific vendors out on the market that are trying to capture the non-complex HR market by offering payroll, benefits and HRMS services only. These vendors (ADP and Ceridian) are well positioned due to their dominance in the traditionally outsourced payroll market. Each vendor also has strong offerings in the outsourced benefit arena, although there is much more natural competition in this market. ADP probably has stronger core HRMS functionality, but Ceridian has broader partnerships in talent areas. Each vendor has also wrapped employee call center technology around these offerings, leveraging call center support from their payroll and benefits expertise. (Systematic HR)

  • Recruiting Lessons From A Subservient Chicken
    Below is a rant, a very long rant, on the type of thinking I would like (make that love) to see in the recruitment industry. Sure, my view is edgy and (to most HR personnel) totally ludicrous, but maybe its a sentiment whose time has come. You be the judge...(Jim Stroud) (Well worth the time...jrs)

  • Journey to the Dark-Side
    In my former life, I was a 3rd-party recruiter - begging, borrowing, and stealing (people) just to keep the lights on (well, ok, maybe not really, but I have always had a flair for the dramatic.) I cursed the very existences of HR or internal recruiters that were then my clients. I drank Pepto for dinner on a number of occasions because it was the 29th of the month and I was waiting on an offer to be accepted so that I would make my quota and enough money to get me through the "slow season." Believe me, I know and I have been there. If you had asked me a year ago, "Will you ever go in-house?" I would have given you a resounding "No way!" But here we are, June of 2006 and that is exactly what I am the resident Talent Scout for an agency that I once begged, borrowed and stole for. (Recruiting.com)
  • Job Digg: Could it Happen?
    I love Digg, it's a great site with a great concept - the social bookmarking of technology news. It's been widely copied, even by AOL Netscape, which took a Digg approach to its new hybrid anchor/social news site. So I've been wondering, would the Digg model work for jobs - for online recruitment - where job seekers and Web users would decide what the top opportunities on the Web are at any moment?

    Both the blogosphere and the Digg guys themselves have confirmed that the next version of Digg will include world news, politics, entertainment and other topics outside of technology. But I suspect that it will not include jobs. (Beyond the ATS)

  • Building your Recruiting Blog Audience
    Why are associations important to your audience? Because your audience is limited to those who already know you. A newcomer stumbling into our corner of the blogosphere is going to follow the path of links and blogrolls and find themselves in a tight knit circle of a couple hundred blogs. That's a great audience, and a great resource, but it's outlines have already been well-defined. Real growth, explosive growth, getting up to thousands of readers in the next six month growth is not possible if you don't reach out. (Recruiting.com)
  • Flaws in the Performance Rating Process
    A recent survey by HR Executive magazine of 156 HR people showed the often obvious flaws in the performance rating process as it is done today.

    Everyone but 7% in the organizations responding to the study met or exceeded expectations!  We all agree that positive feedback is more motivating than a negative performance report, but to say that 93% of the employees at these organizations are exactly on track or performing better than average seems a little unrealistic to me. (Taleo Blog)

  • Why Your Company Needs A Blog
    Peter Clayton never misses the opportunity to get in on a good conversation even if he is not one of the ones talking.

    Here is a link to a discussion that took place a while ago at the Kennedy Conference in Las Vegas. (Recruiting.com)

  • Blogs and Beer
    It seems everyone is happy that blogs are finally proving to be worth something. Cursed with a long(er) memory, I remember a debate that we had on this site about measuring value. Perhaps we were Nero and the market was burning. Regardless, it seems to me that there are two relevant questions to ask ourselves:

    Do you believe that JobCentral and Jobster are run by idiots? If so, then you can write their profligate ways off to "Bubble 2.0." If not, then it is apparent that blogs have value.
    How did these buyers measure the value of their transactions? Assuming this wasn't a drug-fueled 60's flashback that ended in outrageous outlays of cash and stock, how did the buyers rationally decide that they would get more than they paid for? (Talentism)

  • Why PPC Job Advertising is So Easy & Effective
    We've been talking about our pay-per-click job advertising network with a lot of different people and I had the opportunity to present it at two conference panels recently - the Bear Stearns Internet Round Table and Kennedy Information's Recruiting 2006 conference.

    There are a couple of mental benchmarks people often have when they start thinking about pay-per-click job advertising. One is Google or Yahoo's pay-per-click keyword advertising and the other is the pay-per-listing model of job boards. But, Indeed's job advertising system is distinct from both and has some clear advantages in comparison. (Blog Indeed)

  • HRO Vendor Positioning (Scorecard)
    Accenture: Accenture is like ExcellerateHRO and Hewitt. With a great HR consulting group and an ability to execute the technology, Accenture was in the market early enough to capture great market share. Unlike Hewitt, they have great flexibility in their technology offerings and can also offer FAO (finance) and IT outsourcing.

    ADP: The clear leader in mid market HRO. They actually have some nice transactions with larger organizations, but perhaps not the implementation expertise to execute in the most complex organizations. However, unless the client is a fortune 500, there should not be too much risk here as ADP works with many of the largest companies in the world in some capacity. (Systematic HR)

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