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Trade and Professional Associations .1

(June 01, 2006) Preparing to write an article usually means spending some time wandering around the web. Today, we stumbled across the resources in the Berkeley (Cal) Career Center. It's a well considered and well executed array of career / job hunting guidance.

The article archive is particularly interesting. Each article is well researched and offers practical guidance. A no-nonsense writing style with lots of practical advice makes for the efficient transmission of important information. The body of material is comprehensive. Tips seem reasonable and easy to execute. Here's a sample from an article on Networking:

Wondering where you can "just show up" and meet people in your career field? Try professional associations.

Professional associations are organizations of people who share a common background in a particular career area. These organizations are typically nonprofit, cooperative and voluntary and exist to serve their members in a variety of ways, providing networking and social events, professional development activities, and career services. They also compile and disseminate information about the field and may lobby for legislation that is sympathetic to their particular cause.

Implicit in most associations' missions is the commitment to attract and support people interested in entering the field. This can include scholarship or internship programs, job shadowing, and mentoring activities for college students. It is also an open invitation to attend association events.
(It's Not Who You Know, It's Who You Get To Know)

We're thinking about trade and professional associations for a number of reasons:

  • Every time we read about social software, we think about the important fleshy networking that happens in Professional and Trade Associations
  • There are three basic categories of employment information or locations for talent pools:
        - Local news sources (local employment sites)
        - Online networks and communities (blogs and social software constructs)
        - Professional and Trade Associations
  • Of all of the possibilities, Trade and Professional Associations are seriously overlooked.
  • These organizations are susceptible to the same dynamics that are ravaging the newspaper industry.
  • As geography becomes less important, professional and industry interests become more visible. 
  • As news publishing continues to decentralize, Associations will become major outlets, attracting large audiences.
  • Employment advertising and networking will become major revenue sources for Associations.     

Over the next several weeks, we're going to explore these organizations, their possible futures, recruiting in them, networking through them and other recruiting possibilities.

Today's Bugler has a number of resources for those interested in digging a little deeper.

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