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BoB v74 (Best of the Blogs)

(June 02, 2006) 
  • Triage Candidate Relationship Management
    "Tailor your business system to deliver the best experience to those customers with the highest potential future value." (John Sviokla) Applied to Recruiting: Make sure you give the best candidate experience to people with the most potential. (Recruiting Animal)
  • What isn't Strategic HR?
    HR Strategy is any activity to shape the workforce for the purpose of enhancing the business operational requirements. Anything can be strategic, but tasks are not when mis-applied to the wrong objectives.HR is here to support business critical functions. As "human resources" it's our job to optimize the performance of that resource in the business function. Here's a short list of how we do that: (Systematic HR)
  • Hold on tight: Retention of new talent tougher than ever
    Fortune reports today that about one-quarter of all new hires won't make it through their first year, according to research from the Employment Policy Foundation. And that may be a conservative estimate: Almost half - 46 percent - of new talent tank after the first 18 months. These dire numbers don't just apply to the lowly rank and file. In fact, other studies suggest: (HR Blog BostonWorks)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics wants your feedback
    The BLS site - http://stats.bls.gov (and hit the link at the top) - wants your feedback. As our population grays, it's important for everyone to keep close tabs on the employment situation (which I will summarize every couple of weeks here moving forward). (Lefkow Zone)
  • nursing job candidates and search engines
    Nurses don't use the Web to find jobs, right? Let alone use search engines to do so. Not so fast. Consider the number* of Internet searches done in the last 12 months for the following keyphrases: (Cheezhead)
  • ATS Platform Posturing
    I am getting a kick out of the scrap between Martin Snyder and Bob Nelson, the head dogs of PCRecruiter and CBizOne respectively. It's a perfect illustration of how legitimate technical discussions quickly devolve into pointless posturing that has little practical meaning for buyers.

    On the surface they are debating the merits of thick versus thin clients, or, browser-based versus installed applications if you prefer. If you are a software developer or product manager, this is all you talk about these days. But as an ATS buyer, the talking points flying between these two justly-respected industry veterans are not worth the time it takes to read them.

    Every point made by both gentlemen strikes me as honest and correct, but utterly irrelevant to a buyer. Every one of them needs to have the phrase "but it will depend on your situation" added at the end. All their points are generally true but ultimately dependent on local conditions. (HRM Direct)

  • Platforms Part II: the FUDdie-Duddies
    Martin Snyder has posted a follow-up to the discussion referenced in my previous post on the Windows-vs-Web platform debate. The point I wanted to make in that post was that vendors love nothing more than to convince prospects to buy based on abstractions like "platform" rather than the reality of the product they offer today. To be fair to Martin, however, I don't think he ever disagreed: (HRM Direct)
  • Guide to Job Search Networking
    here's a nifty series of articles from about.com on job search networking tips and tricks and the power of job search networking. (Jobster - Goldberg)
  • It's a .Mobi .Mobi .Mobi .Mobi World
    The Recruiting Animal ponders recruitment marketing for a bit and asks in his recent post: I haven't seen any recruiters raving about MySpace. Maybe because they're not recruiting teenagers. Most of us focus on LinkedIn. But will something more be needed to find and market to the candidates of the future, Peter Altieri's YouTube Generation? As many of you know by now, I am the oldest of five kids. My youngest siblings are 24, 22, 18 and 16 (Yes, I was the woops child and there is 7 years between me and the next kid). Anyway, I talk to my sisters and brother about where they spend their time online.(Exceller8ion)

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