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Bob v75

(June 13, 2006) 
  • Check out these cool tools for phone sourcing!
    If you are a phone sourcer and call into companies often enough, you may be especially aggravated by all the buttons you have to press, just to get a human being on the phone. Well, no worries... here are two resources for your bag of tricks. (Jim Stroud)
  • Blogger Scores 7K for Unique Sponsorship
    Call it foolhardy (on the part of the sponsor). Or call it the natural maturation of the blogosphere from inconsequential geek haven to genuinely significant media space. Either way, I'm sure we'll see more of this sort of thing. The question is, will Cheesman manage such a feat in the future, or is this a one-shot novelty? (Cheezhead)
  • Change Is Inevitable
    Time passes and with that comes change. I've been around Electronic Recruiting Exchange since my re-entry into the recruiting and staffing industry (1999). I set the office computer's home page to Electronic Recruiting News the first week I was in the office. Then I endeavored to educate my boss about AIRS Weekly news. I tried to educate him about John Sumser and gave up on both counts the day he wanted to know why I was playing as I shared some of Sumser's musings on recruiting. (The Desk)
  • who's working for you?
    Want to know why your HR department can't generate great candidates for you? Because HR people are not recruiters. (I'll spare you the soap box treatment for today, but Jobster's Dave Lefkow does a good job of explaining the rift between HR and recruiting in yesterday's ERE article, Why They Hate Recruiting: Is it time to secede from HR?)

    Case in point: Human Resources magazine recently published a list of "HR's biggest movers and shakers". Their words, not mine. I'm still cringing at the thought of a HR person movin' and shakin'. Yikes. Anyway, the magazine lists HR's Top 100 Most Influential People. 1-49 are here, and 50-100 are here.

    Only three people on the list seem to have any current expertise or involvement in the recruiting function and all three were in the bottom 50. (JobSyntax)

  • My Prediction Stands
    My buddy Michael Keleman (AKA "The Recruiting Animal") sent me this link from ClickZ.  The article points to a prediction I made two days ago:
    "Is there a chance that Jobster would shift to using the Recruiting.com brand, a notion that some bloggers have floated?  "I don't think that's going to happen," responded Recruiting.com's Jason Davis, adding, "Jobster spent a lot of time and effort developing that brand.  I think it's a powerful brand in the industry now."

    Powerful, yes.  But that's not the issue.  The issue is intrinsic value.  According to Dane Carlson's popular blog valuator, Recruiting.com is worth $165,975.  I think that's way too cheap, but nevermind.  My point is that not many companies pay elephant dollars for content.  They pay it for a community [See # 3], and/or they pay it for a destination.  In Recruiting.com's case, the destination is worth much more than the community.  Not because there's anything wrong with the community, but because there's so much potential with the URL. (Marketing Headhunter)

  • Robert Scoble resigns? What should Microsoft's HR do?
    TechCrunch has the scoop on Scoble resigning. This is the test for Microsoft's HR. They've lost their recruiters, that was the bad part. Now they are even losing their star blogger who is a role model who's been called the Chief Humanizing Officer of MS ! This is the time for HR to act proactively and make all out efforts to retain Robert. I cannot think on why any business (specially MS) would let him go. Of course, I am assuming his work on the corporate image building is his performance goal. There he's clearly exceeded expectations I assume ! (GautamGhoshOn Management)

  • 50 and Fired Resources
    So you're 50 and Fired? Maybe you're just between jobs, but are having problems finding your next high-paying position that takes your 30 years of experience into account.  You might try taking a look at retirementjobs.com, a website devoted to hiring, shall we say, "experienced" personnel? (Recruiting.com)
  • Wanted: Global souls to run global companies
    Edwin Sim recently spoke with William Barnes of the Financial Times. The following is the article published in the Career Asia section of the Financial Times on March 23, 2006. Managers at international businesses must expect to move country regularly. Could this help create a class of cosmopolitan, constantly mobile workers? (Thai Headhunter)
  • Why Your Recruiting Department Needs a Blog
    Kennedy Information's recent Recruiting Conference and Expo in Las Vegas included a panel discussion entitled, "Why Your Recruiting Department Needs a Blog." I was fortunate enough to appear with some real experts: Jason Davis of Recruiting.com was the moderator. We were joined by John Sumser, Founder and President of Interbiznet.com; Dennis Smith, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition, T-Mobile; and Jim Durbin, Director Corporate Communications, Durbin Media Group. (CollegeRecruiter)
  • Resumes crucial for experienced workers
    Andy Armstrong is a veteran public-relations man, aspiring novelist, published cartoonist - and temporary letter carrier during warm weather. He has sought a full-time PR post since a New York agency laid him off in 2002. The 49-year-old resident of Allendale, N.J., mainly blames his age. "Being older doesn't help," observes Armstrong, a genial individual with a low-key demeanor. "I've heard myself described as 'overqualified' many, many times." (EmploymentDigest)
  • Seceding from HR - your responses
    I've gotten a lot of emails and reviews on my recent article. Most support the concept of seceding from HR, including this one from Andy Lloyd: Recruiting is NOT HR. I grew-up in EDS (5.5 years) and Perot Systems (11 years) and both at the time understood the diference. Recruiting reported to either the President, Chief Operating Officer or directly into the Business Unit Group heads.During the 1980s and 1990s both organization had great recruiting organizations. (LefkowZone)

We keep updating the blogroll. There are now 143 Recruiting related blogs. Thanks to the Animal for pointing out From The Trenches

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