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PPC.2 - Search: The New Black

(May 23, 2006)  You'll notice that we've included a recent press release from Oodle. They're entering the UK market. According to Oodle, search is the new black. As they say in San Francisco, "Well, if ya gotta know, black is actually the new black."

Oodle makes the following case for the value they deliver:

Oodle helps classified publishers connect with consumers who know what they want and are ready to buy.

As we've tried to say, there are relatively few of these (mostly, they're technical contract workers who use Net-Temps or Dice). Most other job hunters, when desperate, are just the kind of folks that recruiters are not looking to engage. Oodle is approaching the pay per click game as if the hiring authorities were actually interested in getting the right targeted click.

We can guarantee that no recruiter who places an online ad wants just one click. With a little thought, most hiring authorities would agree that a single click based on instant desire is the operating definition of "active job hunter". When they say that they're looking for "passive candidates", the bare minimum requirement is "at least a moment's consideration".

So, who buys pay per click advertising? Here's a sample of the smart customers who use TopUSAJobs:

6FigureJobs.com GreatInsuranceJobs.com Latpro.com
AllRetailJobs.com HealthJobsUSA.com MortgageBoard.com
BenefitsLink.com Hireability.com NetShare.com
Brokerhunter.com Ihire.com SnagaJob.com
CareerBank.com JobsInLogistics.com TelecomCareers.net
ComputerWork.com jobsinthemoney.com TheLadders.com
EmploymentGuide.com LabSitesOnline.com  

In other words, the proven models for PPC, in the existing job advertising industry, are wholesale models. The people who need to buy traffic are the people who are selling traffic to their end users. It isn't really about the job hunter at all (except in bulk). And, that is what makes this market really different.

Search Engines may be a great place to develop a brand. You could argue that that's exactly what TopUSAJob's 60 customers do each day. They're paying for traffic, not buyers.

The wikipedia definition of PPC is worth reviewing.

We've been researching and updating the blogroll. It currently contains 131 listings. The most interesting recent discovery is Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques, a down and dirty, nuts and bolts technique blog for sourcers. Well worth dipping into.

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Oodle Launches UK's First Stop for Local Classifieds; Helping Buyers Find the Perfect Car, Flat or Chihuahua

SAN MATEO, Calif. & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 15, 2006--Oodle(TM), the search engine for local classifieds, announced today that it is introducing its service in the U.K. (www.oodle.co.uk).

Oodle is a free online service that enables users to quickly see all of the online listings in their area and grab great deals as soon as they pop up. Oodle includes listings from across the U.K. with 30 towns and cities at launch including Belfast, Bradford and Bournemouth.

Oodle U.K. includes over two million listings from a variety of sources including Loot, eBay and RightMove. When users set up an alert, Oodle emails them the minute the item they are looking for becomes available. SMS alerts will be available in the future.

"Classifieds are a wonderful way to find great deals - whether you are looking for a flat, car or even a new pet," said Craig Donato, CEO and co-founder of Oodle. "Unfortunately, it's time consuming and difficult to look through all the different sites that are out there. With Oodle, finding a great deal in classifieds is simple."

Helping UK Consumers Buy Locally

Oodle.co.uk is the first classifieds site in the U.K. that helps consumers find great deals:

-- See it all. Oodle enables consumers to easily see all of the listings available in a local area. Oodle U.K. includes nearly all popular sources for local listings including local newspapers, specialist sources such as FindaProperty and LondonJobs and national sites like GumTree.

-- Find it fast. Oodle's innovative technology automatically categorises listings (for example type of position, industry, and full time or part time for a job postings) to help users find exactly what they are looking for. Oodle also uses patent-pending tools to remove duplicate listings, prune dead links, detect SPAM and inappropriate listings, and assess overall listing quality.

-- Never miss a deal. Oodle helps consumers keep up with the fast-paced market of local listings. Consumers tell Oodle what they want and Oodle emails them the minute relevant listings become available.

Sending Qualified Leads to Classified Publishers

Classified publishers welcome the leads that Oodle send to their sites and their advertisers.

-- Qualified leads. Because Oodle is tailored to classifieds, Oodle helps classified publishers connect with consumers who know what they want and are ready to buy. "Oodle has repeatedly sent qualified people to our website properties in the US and we are excited about the potential of a UK launch," said Yannick Pons, CEO of Vivastreet, one of Europe's leading free classifieds websites. "This creates additional visibility for www.vivastreet.co.uk and is great for our users and advertisers."

-- Search is the new black. More and more consumers begin their Internet experience with search. As such, it's become paramount for classified publishers to include their listings with search engines.

Partnering with Newspapers and Online Media

Oodle is doing distribution deals with a number of other media and Internet sites as it builds out the Oodle Partner Network. Most recently in the US, Oodle integrated its results into: a new site launched by Washington Post, www.readexpress.com; Lycos' new classified marketplace; and a network of classified marketplaces operated by Village Voice Media, www.backpage.com

About Oodle

Oodle is the leading search engine for local classifieds. Oodle helps consumers find great deals in every major classifieds category: cars, property, flatshare, jobs, merchandise, pets and tickets. Oodle (www.oodle.co.uk) provides the largest and freshest index of classifieds with more than 17 million active listings in the U.K. and U.S.

Oodle launched 12 months ago in the U.S. and already has over 15 million listings from 55,000 sources.

Oodle sends classifieds publishers and their advertisers millions of qualified leads every month. The company also powers the Oodle Network, a collection of websites that incorporate Oodle's market leading search capabilities. To be included in the Oodle index or learn more about the Oodle Partner Network and the Oodle API, please contact partner@oodle.com.

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Focused Candidates Visit Focused Job Boards.
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