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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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The Bugler

(May 26, 2006) Below you will find today's interbiznet Bugler. If you are not currently receiving it in email or reading it online - take a look.

You can find it online each day at: http://www.interbiznet.com/interbizbugler/dailyindex.html

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Weekend!

Reveille and Hyperbole
Authoria, Inc., the leader in strategic talent management solutions, today announced that Chairman and CEO Tod Loofbourrow will present at key financial conferences in May:
-- Pacific Crest's 2006 On-Demand Conference, at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, on Wednesday, May 24, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time.
-- America's Growth Capital & Soleil Securities 2006 Business Services & Financial Technology Conference, at the Sheraton Boston, on Wednesday, May 31, at 9:10 a.m. Eastern time.

Sage Software announced today the availability of Sage Abra HRMS version 8.1, featuring support for mid-sized U.S. and Canadian businesses and organizations, and integration with the new Sage Abra eRecruiter, also released today. Supporting the Microsoft® SQL Server and MSDE databases, Sage Abra HRMS (human resource management system) version 8.1 brings more flexibility, ease-of-use, and reporting options to the award-winning Sage Abra HRMS system.

Chandler Macleod, one of the largest human capital management consulting firms in Australia, has signed on to use a talent acquisition solution from Peopleclick.

Turnover among Fortune 500 Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) has increased by 16 percent compared to 2004 figures, according to a study by global executive search and assessment firm Russell Reynolds Associates. Treasurer churn increased by a rate of 10 percent and Controller turnover remained at a consistently high rate of 22 percent. Contrary to reports that the pressures of the job have subsided from years prior, the second annual Financial Officer Turnover Study reveals that financial officer churn has risen, almost across the board.

Contrary to published reports, a new survey of top U.S. financial executives shows that American companies are not only pleased with the benefits delivered by current outsourcing efforts, they plan to do more outsourcing in the future. The same study also shows that executives who have outsourced primarily to the U.S. increasingly want options tailored to meeting their business objectives.

Deck Chairs:
Antal International announces that Simon Valentine has been appointed as Director. Mr Valentine has a number of years in the Staffing Solutions business dealing purely with in-house recruitment solutions for clients.

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You Should Know:
Survey uncovers frosty outsourcing relations
Poor management on both sides is causing difficulties, says PA Consulting
Many IT outsourcing contracts are characterised by misunderstanding and mistrust between suppliers and customers, according to a recent report from consultancy firm PA Consulting. A survey of over 300 organisations, including IT service providers, customers, and legal advisors, found over half of customers struggled to realise the expected benefits from IT outsourcing deals and high levels of tension between suppliers and customers were the main reason for the problem. (

Monster, HotJobs, 37signals?
37signals, which develops make-your-life-easier Web products like Backpack and Basecamp, launched an online job board this week. The job site is promoted from the popular 37signals blog, Signal vs. Noise. The posting process, like 37signals products, is simple and easy to use, but employers only get a 500-character description for their $250 investment. (Beyond the ATS)

SEO for Recruitment
Not many people seemed very worried about search engine optimization (SEO) for careers Web sites and jobs until lately, other than Joel Cheesman anyway. But now it's a hot topic, with CareerBuilder offering SEO as part of its .jobs domain name sales pitch (per Joel), and HotGigs launching a product called Jobs2Web for online recruitment. Careers Web sites need to be as well-optimized for search engines as the corporate Web sites they are tied to, yet few have seemed concerned. Almost every applicant tracking (ATS) vendor suggests using frames to integrate job search and display pages into clients' Web sites, essentially hiding them from search engine spiders. Page titles - essential for effective SEO - are often generic, obscure and not tied to the job being displayed (meaning no mention of the job title or location).  (Beyond the ATS)

ATS Platform Posturing
I am getting a kick out of the scrap between Martin Snyder and Bob Nelson, the head dogs of PCRecruiter and CBizOne respectively. It's a perfect illustration of how legitimate technical discussions quickly devolve into pointless posturing that has little practical meaning for buyers. On the surface they are debating the merits of thick versus thin clients, or, browser-based versus installed applications if you prefer. If you are a software developer or product manager, this is all you talk about these days. But as an ATS buyer, the talking points flying between these two justly-respected industry veterans are not worth the time it takes to read them. (Beyond The ATS)

Find Out Your Cost Of Turnover - Cornell Researchers Demonstrate Use of Turnover Calculator
Aside from occasional ceremonial public handwringing, the hospitality industry seems to have accepted the vexing problem of turnover as a cost of doing business. With a solid calculation of the cost of that turnover, however, two Cornell researchers suggest that the industry might renew its interest in reducing turnover costs. In a new report from the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, professors Timothy Hinkin and Bruce Tracey calculate the cost of replacing front-desk associates—and those figures should draw the industry's attention. (Hospitality Net)

More Companies Confirming Resume Data
Experts Say Job Seekers Not Always Truthful
An increasing number of companies have consulted agencies that catch lies on resumes before a job seeker's hiring.  NBC News reported the agencies, like American Data Bank, check former employment, dates, education and degrees -- everything that's on a resume.  "We've actually contacted previous employers where (job seekers) said they were a marketing director and the employer said, 'No, this individual was actually a janitor,'" said David Bradley, operations manager at American Data Bank. (WBAL)

What Business Software Can Learn From Web 2.0
Just as for consumer sites, user-generated content will be an increasingly important part of online business apps.
The success of Web 2.0 companies like MySpace, Flickr, and Facebook demonstrates a remarkable shift in how people seek entertainment, collaborate, and communicate. The biggest change from first-generation Web sites is that users contribute content to the sites as they consume, increasing the value of the site and drawing more participants.  We're now seeing these Web 2.0 principles transfer to the tired, static realm of business software. Kenexa, for example, offers a set of on-demand applications for recruiting automation, workforce surveys, and employee performance management. While the service automates important steps, it presents a much more intriguing value proposition based on the concept of sharing data. Kenexa enables its customers to opt in and anonymously share the results of their frequently asked questions on the hiring process to create a large database of responses. One of its customers, GlaxoSmithKline, found that by using the predictive results of community intelligence, it was able to hire sales reps who performed better and stayed with the company longer. Think of it as user-generated content for businesses. (InformationWeek)

BPO industry could face sustainability issues, says study
AS analysts ponder over the long-term viability of the business process outsourcing industry, a new study commissioned by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) and conducted by the University of Asia and the Pacific (UAP) is also echoing similar warnings about the sunshine industry's sustainability. UAP Professor Ceferino Rodolfo said in his report, "Sustaining Philippine Advantage in Business Process Outsourcing," that the fluid political situation, intermittent threats to physical security and continued graft and corruption still continue to discourage BPO investors, particularly from overseas. (PhilSend)

Convergence creates skills problems
Survey shows 65 per cent of senior UK exectives believe skills gap has evolved
Businesses across the UK are struggling to find suitable staff to work on convergence projects, research shows.  According to a study by recruitment firm Russell Reynolds Associates, 65 per cent of senior UK executives believe convergence has created a skills gap.  The study says there is a strong demand for employees demonstrating hybrid, cross sector expertise. (VNUNET)

VA: Data on Millions of Vets Stolen from Employee's Home
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has placed an employee on administrative leave after the employee took home data on as many as 26.5 million veterans and some spouses and that data was stolen from the employee's home during a burglary. The VA says the employee took home the data without authorization and in violation of its policies. The VA says the employee is on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. The FBI and the VA Inspector General's office are investigating.  The stolen data contained identifying information, including names, social security numbers, and dates of birth. (HR.BLR.COM)

Prudential Relocation Named Human Resources Outsourcing Relocation Provider of the Year; Prudential Relocation Recognized for Global Leadership
Prudential Relocation, a Prudential Financial (NYSE:PRU) company, today announced that it was awarded the prestigioustitle of "Relocation Provider of the Year" by the Human ResourcesOutsourcing Association (HROA(R)). Margery Marshall, president ofPrudential Relocation, accepted the award at the 4th Annual NY HR Week'06 recently held in New York City and attended by nearly 3,000industry leaders. (finanzen.net)

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Deep Release:
2006 College Grads Enter Unique and Challenging Workplace; Adecco Gives Advice on Four Generations Working Together to Shape Workforce of Tomorrow
This spring, thousands of college grads will enter the workforce. Are they prepared to work in a multigenerational workplace? This unique collision of generational waves is forcing us to rethink - and revamp - how we hire, manage and train employees. Adecco Staffing North America, the world's largest provider of workforce solutions, offers tips for employees and managers to navigate this challenging new dynamic.

Employers expect to hire nearly 14% more college graduates this year than in 2005. In fact, nearly 88 percent of the employers surveyed say they are seeing increased competition for new college grads, according to the National Association of Colleges & Employers. Adecco Staffing attributes this to the fact that we are increasingly becoming a knowledge-worker labor market, therefore college graduates are sought-after even though their boomer bosses will be staying active in the workforce longer than the traditional retirement age of 65.

"The four generations making up today's workforce come together with different expectations, assumptions, priorities and approaches to work and communication," said Bernadette Kenny, SVP Human Resources, Adecco Staffing North America. "Because each generation has its own attitude and style, effective communication is critical. The better employees across generations understand each other, the more productive they will be at work."

Today's graduates have a much different perspective on work, life and culture than older employees. The shift away from traditional career paths and work values will accelerate in the coming years as the age differences in the workforce become more pronounced and as baby boomers delay retirement. It is important for organizations to recognize the needs and values of each generation in order to recruit and retain top talent.

Kenny offers the following five tips for this year's Gen Y grads to successfully navigate the multigenerational workplace:

-- See the big picture. For this year's grads, the first step in entering the workforce is to acknowledge that there are four generations working together in the same environment. Your manager might be someone close to your age or might be someone much older. The key is understanding that each generation works differently and has their own unique approaches to managing staff.

-- Gen X and boomers expect ambition and drive. Nothing will impress your boss more than being a self-starter. The baby boomers are a generation of independent, over-achieving multi-taskers. They worked hard and want to see that drive in the next generation of workers. Don't be afraid to come up with new ideas and take on more responsibilities if you're not feeling challenged or if you are trying to get ahead. It will be noticed and appreciated.

-- Customize how you manage up. While this is quite possibly one of the most challenging aspects of being a young, new employee, it is imperative to master this from the onset - especially if you report to multiple managers from different generational groups. Understand their needs and expectations and know how to work with and respond to them differently. A Gen-X manager may have a much different style than a baby boomer.

-- Get to know your coworkers. Spend five minutes around the water cooler, walk around the office, participate in group projects or office social events - anything that allows you to form bonds with your coworkers and develop a personal understanding of the diverse backgrounds, age groups and beliefs that exist in your workplace.

-- Be open-minded. New workers will be exposed to many ideas, strategies and processes in their first years on the job. Be open-minded when you get a recommendation from superiors and welcome all advice.

Kenny offers the following five tips for attracting this year's graduates:

-- Gen Y is technologically savvy. As technology continues to evolve, offering telecommuting to employees makes an organization more attractive to Generation Y. This tactic often increases morale and productivity and allows employees to find situations in which they work best.

-- Gen Y wants balance too. Gen Y comes to the table wanting a work-life balance. Enabling this generation to have flexible schedules is also key in retaining them in your organization, as parents, family, and faith are central to this generation.

-- Give them some independence. Gen Y works with a high degree of independence and constantly seeks new challenges. They like to work on their own terms and figure things out for themselves so it is important to consider giving them some freedom to work in this manner.

-- Keep your workplace "fun." While Gen Y is a generation of self-starters and hard workers, they still want to have fun at work. They want work to be a place they want to go every day, not a chore. Try to maintain a positive environment that encourages learning and hard work, but also allows employees to have a sense of fun.

-- Gen Y wants to be treated as a partner. Gen Y is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Managers who "partner" with their Gen Y workers with a "we're all in this together attitude" will find that their younger employees are pragmatic, hardworking and have a strong sense of self and individualism.

A recent white paper titled, "Managing Today's Multigenerational Workforce" published by Adecco Staffing, outlines how members of each generation brings a distinct set of values, attitudes and behaviors to the workplace. The findings and recommendations in this white paper are based upon careful observations by experts who have studied generational differences and likenesses in the workplace, as well as Adecco's experience in helping people build their careers. "Managing Today's Multigenerational Workforce" is available upon request by e-mailing chelsea.palmer@ogilvypr.com.


Adecco S.A. is a Fortune Global 500 company and the global leader in HR services. The Adecco Group network connects over 700,000 associates with business clients each day through its network of over 33,000 employees and 6,600 offices in over 70 countries and territories around the world. Registered in Switzerland, and managed by a multinational team with expertise in markets spanning the globe, the Adecco Group delivers an unparalleled range of flexible staffing and career resources to corporate clients and qualified associates.

Adecco S.A. is registered in Switzerland (ISIN: CH001213860) and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange with trading on virt-x (SWX/VIRT-X: ADEN), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ADO) and Euronext Paris - Premier Marche (EURONEXT: ADE).

Additional information is available at the company's website at www.adeccousa.com.

Coming Soon:

NACE National Meeting & Expo
Anaheim Marriott/
Anaheim Convention Center
May 30 - June 2, 2006
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3rd Annual Best Practices in Talent Management, Leadership Development and Succession Planning Conference
25th - 26th May 2006
Barcelona, Spain
Hunt Scanlon Advisors present
Generating Higher ROI on Human Capital
June 7, 2006
OnRec Online Recruitment Conference
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
June 20
Westminster, London
contact: Chris@OnRec.com
More Info
2006 EREC
21-22 June 2006
London, UK
SHRM's 2006 Annual Conference & Exposition
June 25-28
Washington, D.C.
Read more
OnRec Expo 2006
12-13 September 2006
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
2006 Strategic HR Conference
October 4-6, 2006
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Human Resource Executive's
9th Annual HR Technology® Conference
Oct. 4-6, 2006
Navy Pier in Chicago, IL

2006 SHRM Workplace Diversity Conference
October 16-18, 2006
Century Plaza Hotel and Spa
Los Angeles, California
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"Defining Leaders"
New York city
October 18 - 20, 2006
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HR.com's Employers of Excellence 2006
October 25 - 27, 2006
Red Rock Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada

























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