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Daily News
(April 22, 2003) -
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Today's Bugler:

Global Internet company Yahoo! is now offers Hiring Gateway, a comprehensive recruiting and hiring solution for human resource departments from Yahoo! Resumix. The new platform is designed to offer increased workflow flexibility, depth and accuracy in candidate searches, and real-time ability to manage business critical recruiting and hiring priorities.

Prometric, a part of The Thomson Corporation, a technology-enabled testing and assessment services, and the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), a affiliate of SHRM, will convert HRCI's PHR and SPHR exams to a computer-based format beginning in 2004. Prometric will deliver the computer-based tests.

Executive search firm Korn/Ferry International opens an internal audit and compliance practice. Co-heading the new practice are Chuck Eldridge, a senior client partner based in the firm's Atlanta office, and Ellen Williams, a senior client partner in the Stamford, Connecticut, office.

The Address Book
Atlanta-based executive search firm Handler & Associates opens a new Minneapolis/St. Paul office. Newly appointed regional partner, Paul Erwin will head the new office.

Couldn't Pass This Up
According to the new Certain Dri Perspiration Poll, 79 percent of respondents report they would have a negative perception of a job applicant, who was sweating excessively. These perceptions include that the applicant is lying, insecure, or even desperate. Fifty-two percent say they wouldn't hire the person. Except that residents in the South are more likely to perspire during a job interview; those who live in the West and North Central regions of the U.S. were least likely.

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