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(April 11, 2003) -
- A great deal of the complaining we hear about job boards is misdirected. Often, the culprit is the company employment website. Tragically, they simultaneously chase away the good prospects while encouraging the bad ones. That means that they don't just cause problems, they amplify them.

Imagine how rapidly quality drops, when the high quality visitors leave in a hurry. Imagine how much more quickly the problem multiplies, when the remainder are given incentives to persevere. Quality drops by an order of magnitude.

One of the many basic characteristics that determines who is or is not top talent is the ability to value and use time. High accomplishers use their time effectively and seek environments in which that mindset is valued. The other group is not so concerned about the value of their most precious resource.

So, who do you think finishes the process on a crummy website laced with blank screens from a flawed service provider? That's right, the ones who will tolerate organizations that waste their time.

Who navigates hard to understand websites in search of the unwieldy application process? That's right, the desperate.

Who applies for a job even though the job description is unreadable? You know the answer.

Who uses the web for a job search when there is nowhere near enough information to make an informed decision?

And, what do the other folks do?

They research your company whether you help them or not. They look for clues about culture in websites that mention your company and its management practices. They try to figure out the names of the people they would be working with. They use quick contact methods. They value their time and expect the same from you.

If you take a look at your website from this perspective, you'll discover that it is rude and inefficient. The problem, too many low quality candidates, is being caused by something you can control.


- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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