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Job Board Future I
(March 27, 2003) -
-  More so than any other e-commerce business, the job board requires a constant flow of fresh traffic. While a user may make all of her online purchases through Amazon or Yahoo, the employment industry sees most of its web visitors for a short period of life transition every four or five years. There is little to suggest that Job Board Brands are meaningful enough to endure the interim time between needs. Job boards need recurring sources of fresh traffic, while other businesses can move a percentage of their customers into a 'permanent' customer mode. In other words, the economics of traffic acquisition are profoundly different for a job board than some other website.

The current standard business model for job boards involves persuading fresh traffic to give the rights to personal information to a third party that then resells it. There is some reason to question the ability of this arrangement to endure over the next five years. As personal privacy concerns become more commonplace and better understood, the importance of the Job Board Brand as a certificate of trust will dominate investment patterns in the industry. The number of results per advertising dollar expended to acquire traffic will decline significantly across the industry with improvements above a low mean available only to trusted brands.

Inbound structural hyperlinks are those links on other websites that 'point' to 'your' website. As the web becomes increasingly oriented towards reputation and referral, the degree to which these inbound links are surrounded by positive text will be the determining and measurable factor in the value of a web brand. Today, inbound links are best understood as the reliable foundation of all other traffic to a website.

Google's recent acquisition of the Pyra Labs, creator of some of the earliest technology for creating weblogs, is a solid indicator that reputation as a factor in the measurement of 'page importance' is a dynamic that the search engine company wishes to promote, monitor, and control. Google's ambition in this regard is significantly larger than the vision that powered the initial Web infrastructure companies (like Netscape and  Microsoft). 

Through thorough search and research, Google was able to forecast and now, post acquisition, cause the shift towards structural links as the most important source of traffic. A quick search of the various blog infrastructure companies will demonstrate a radical shift towards the automation of these links (blogrolling). Ultimately, traffic will be 'earned' by reputation in a process that rewards companies for teaching their users to become more effective with Web technology. Interestingly, the net effect and cause of this dynamic will be an ever-accelerating production of web content. 

(more tomorrow)

- John Sumser © TwoColorHat. All Rights Reserved.

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