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CRM Strategy
April 07, 2003) - The success or failure of your efforts will rest on an eternal truth. Programs are great for morale but rarely change anything. If you want to build a secure and reliable supply of talent to ensure that your company adapts rapidly to the labor shortage, the strategy must be installed in the CEO's office. This can not be a one time thing. Either the CEO buys the approach and views it as a critical issue or you should start hunting for another job.

An effective CRM (Candidate Relationship Marketing) Strategy for the development of a stable labor supply rests on several key principles:

  • Employees (past, present and future) are customers and investors.
  • A deeper, more intimate relationship with them will speed the hiring process when others are slowing.
  • The responsibility to bring value to those relationships belongs to the company, not the employee.
  • The goal is to delight employees and make them want to work for the company.
  • Each group (past, present and future) has different interests and requires different technology.
  • The maximum size of the effort is a group 20 times your five year hiring needs. It could be smaller.
  • Communications are tied to identifiable sub-groups.
  • Identify sources of subgroups and recruit for the network.
  • Use everyone in the organization. Provide rewards.
  • Build incrementally but quickly. Demonstrate success.
  • Train Recruiters in Tactics. Train Everyone else in the organization in Strategy and Philosophy.
  • Create a career path for Recruiters with senior players functioning as network managers.
  • Create measurements everywhere.

We think the central actor in these experiments will be a new generation of recruiter who has been relieved of administrative hiring responsibility. Driven by relationships with a specific set of hiring managers, this person builds a network of roughly 500 people (100 per year) who are the labor supply for the next five years. The job is to develop and maintain relationships with people who are excited and qualified. The "super-recruiter" sources and accomplishes background checks (through a subcontractor) but is mostly responsible for having these people immediately available once a hiring determination is made. The super-recruiter brings the hiring cycle as close as possible to zero days by building a supply.

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