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Candidate Voice
(April 14, 2003) -
-  After lots of talking and hints, we're ready to tell you about the new company. We've been busy doing product development, a launch at a trade show, beta testing and are ready to go public. The company is staffed and growing.

We're Calling it "Candidate Voice." The basic idea is to deliver rigorous feedback to employment website owners from the candidate's perspective. The underlying argument is that you can't really build an Employment brand or an effective employment website without that sort of insight.

The business is a bootstrap startup. That means we're building the business on a minor investment and out of its own cashflow. After the dot com flurry, we figured that it was better to have the market determine its fate than to spend lots of someone else's money on the hope that it was. Bootstrapping is fun and lays a foundation for a very frugal enterprise.

Candidate Voice is a completely separate entity from interbiznet. Staffed with a team of assessors, sales people and product development folks, it's led by John Sumser. It will not interfere with the ongoing operations at interbiznet, even so.

At the heart of Candidate Voice is a singular focus on a singular product. The Candidate Voice Employment Brand Assessment™ is a 60 dimension evaluation of an employment website. Companies that pass the assessment are 'certified'. The logo (used by certified companies) is designed to tell prospective candidates that the company is committed to delivering a valuable and effective job search experience.

Over the next couple of days, we'll tell you a little more.

John Sumser

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