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Phil Wolff
(March 26, 2003) -
-  Phil Wolff is one of our favorite characters in the industry. No one that we know of thinks harder about coming technical and social trends in the business. His weblog/site is obliquely titled "A Klog Apart". The site contains Phil's musings and observations on Knowledge Management Using Blogs (Klogs!), and details ranging from food, movies, public policy, and staffing.

Here's a recent posting:

Your analysts cannot read everything that matters. You need new tools for discovering knowledge in the places you care about.  Use geography and time to filter the signal from the noise.

MetaCarta turns your text documents into geographic knowledge about situations and associations.  This software combines natural language processing (NLP) and geographic information systems (GIS), so analysts can find information faster.

Geographic Text Search accelerates decision support and analytic workflow.

Careerspace is huge: millions of job postings and millions of resumes. Always shuffling, popping in and out of existence. The classic information overload and search problems. Perhaps MetaCarta's Geographic Text Search, XML GeoTagger, WebMonster, and Place Finder shoudl be in the human capital toolkit?

And another (clicking the link might offend someone here or there):

Sometimes you gotta love the job seeker's voice. Tanya B's weblog, F*** That Job, has been a nine month rant on the pain of finding a job.

Her tagline:

My answer to employers taking advantage of folks having a hard time finding a job in this economy. Job hunting daily is bad enough without having to deal with employers who want you to speak Swahili for low or no pay.

She quotes horribly written job ads, unbelievable correspondence between recruiters and candidates, and engineering jobs paying below the poverty line. You can feel the vitriol ooze through the html.

You can always rely on A Klog Apart to help you reframe your thinking.

John Sumser

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