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Research Assistance
(February 18, 2003) -
- We're kicking off a number of research projects this week and would love to get some input.

First of all, we're running another one of our annual evaluations of the ATS market. If you are in HR and considering the purchase of an Applicant Tracking System this year, we'd love a chance to ask you six or seven questions. Let us know.

Secondly, we're trying to get a handle on the evolution of employment brand management. We're specifically looking for people who are either titled "Employment Brand Manager" or have that role as a major part of their job responsibilities. We'll be interviewing them over the next month or so. Please let us know if you fit into the category.

Finally, we're trying to develop a comprehensive framework for describing the internal machinations of a high performance recruiting operation. Take a moment to review this graphic and send us your comments. Is it on target?

The diagram is designed to show interrelated layers (or planes) of the Human Capital Acquisition endeavor. You read it from the bottom up. Each layer is an increasing refinement of the layer beneath it. We don't imagine that the real execution of a recruiting organization is purely sequential, rather, as each layer comes together, it has implications for the layer above and the layer below. The idea is that a well executed recruiting operation is the result of careful integrated planning across a variety of disciplines.

Some of the terms may not be totally familiar:

  • Website really means all web operations including traffic or data that flows from job boards.
  • Brand Map is a document that details everyone in the organization's role in recruiting.
  • Recruiting Culture is the suggestion that everyone in the organization has a role.
  • Working Conditions is the combination of environment and compensation that makes a company attractive
  • Feedback (from candidates and internal players)

We know of a number of organizations who operate in a fashion that is similar to the diagram, if you know of others, we're looking to get to know shops with very high-performance Recruiting Cultures. Please let us know.

The point of the diagram is to lay out an integrated view of all of the pieces of the picture. We often hear from Recruiting managers who are perplexed about the way that things fit together. For instance, ATS companies often paint their offerings as a precursor to strategy and, once they've been purchased, they are. Job boards often act as if no other strategy were important. Ad agencies have been known to confuse the use of collateral materials with a comprehensive employment branding plan. And so on.

Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to think about these things.

- John Sumser  

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