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User Experience Design
(February 21, 2003) -
-  The web has made a huge range of things possible. As we mentioned in yesterday's piece, it is reasonably possible (and expected as a part of sheer good manners) that the candidate's experience of a company be rooted in respect. It's manners, the growth of brand equity and a way to improve the flow of qualified people. Our good friend, Hank "the buzzword generator" Stringer calls it 'gracious recruiting'.

A Google search for "User experience design" returns about 6,500 pages of web material. What you discover while perusing that largish pile is that the design of experience has become a mainstream component of brand thinking. It is a piece of the process in any contemporary professional website development. Grown from disciplines as varied as usability and focus groups, the design of user experience is simply a part of how things get done.

While any fool can throw web pages together, achieving the intended effect in a relationship with a user is a matter of envisioning, planning, control and plain old hard thinking. This is not some wacky, fresh from the frontlines futurist view. Rather, it is a product line at companies as staid as IBM. The User Design component of a web project is an embedded subset of the process that attempts to guarantee the quality of the experience. Our recent attempt to define the layers of work required to execute High Performance Recruiting is based on the notion that branding and user experience design are integral pieces of the Employment website design process.

As we've been saying, as each day passes, the Employment subset of your company website becomes more and more important to your recruiting efforts. It is the first place that people really discover how your company works. Those valuable first impressions can not afford to be tainted with old school ideas about appropriate behavior from HR. 

It's no longer adequate to automate rudeness.

One of the most interesting subsets of user experience design is accessibility. Although the tools are available, our recent look at the Fortune 1000 employment sites suggests that there is almost no attention paid to the needs of disabled web users. We're betting that this will rapidly become a hot spot in corporate web design particularly for the employment arena. HR, after all, has always led the charge to incorporate people with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Expect to hear more about the design of user experience. It will become a central component of the  corporate employment website design process.

- John Sumser  

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