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Recruiting News for the Human Resource Professional

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Recruiting News for the Human Resource Professional

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John Sumser presents the interbiznet Bugler

interbiznet presents The Bugler

July 07, 2006
Website Basics II
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New Special Editions:   Talent Management Special Edition (PDF)
Demographic Surprises Report (PDF),  Trends In The Changing Workplace

Reveille and Hyperbole:
The Wyman & Kelly Corporation is excited to announce the launching of their fourth website, The creators of the successful online dating website for golfers,, are responding to the demands of the thousands of golfers seeking an easy way to find new golf partners, build new business relationships, and interact more efficiently online with other golfers. The new website, which does not charge any fees for its services, uses comprehensive social networking software enabling its members to post their own blogs and pictures, create online social clubs and events and the ability to post classified ads.

Resolve Staffing announces that the proposed merger with ELS has been delayed until further notice. On February 22, 2006, Resolve Staffing, Inc. ("Resolve") and Employee Leasing Services, Inc. ("ELS") entered into a merger agreement. Resolve and ELS contemplated that the merger would be completed by June 30, 2006. Subsequent to the announcement, Resolve has acquired two addition staffing firms with annual sales totaling over $20 million. Because of these acquisitions, and unexpected filing and accounting issues, the merger with ELS is being delayed until further notice. While the companies will continue to move forward with the proposed merger, a new closing date has yet to be set. There is no certainty that Resolve will be able to consummate a transaction with ELS. In any event, Resolve will immediately announce a new closing date, or if merger discussion have been terminated, as soon as any revised dates or discussions have been set.

The United States Patent & Trademark Office officially registered the trademark on BNI's "Givers Gain®" motto March 21, 2006, successfully concluding BNI's year-long quest to trademark the phrase. "Those two simple words, 'Givers Gain®', convey the philosophy that has set BNI apart since the company's founding two decades ago," observes BNI Founder & Chairman Dr. Ivan Misner. "And it's not just a slogan -- it's a credo practiced by BNI members day in and day out, week after week as they network with one another at BNI chapter meetings around the world." Click On Our Sponsors


You Should Know:
Hiring In China - Danger Ahead

Yesterday, I began looking at the dangers ahead for HR in China. But there is more .....Generations The one-child policy generation in China, is very much like the Net Generation world-wide. They are very different from previous generations and cannot be brought on board with a weak hiring process. You have to sell them on a position, and sell them hard. You can expect high levels of independence, high and continuously expanding expectations, a lack of respect for aging leaders and a strong preference for balancing work and play & communications. To spell it out this means that young Chinese professionals live in a world of World of Warcraft, IPod, Mobile Phone email, PSP, MSN, Skype, ICQ and 3G Phones. A common or garden Resume interview won't cut it with them. (Talent Software)

Is your company sleeping on the Indian consumer market?

350+ million middle-class Indian consumers and growing. Is your company going to be part of the next big wave?
Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard about the explosive growth of India and China. While China garnered much of the press in the beginning, India has emerged as a country with perhaps greater potential than China for several reasons. These include its democracy, demographic profile (India has a much younger population), its sheer population numbers and for American companies, the fact that most people in India speak English making marketing of goods & services easier. Two numbers make the case for India in the most dramatic fashion and they are that (1) India currently has 350 million middle-class consumers and (2) Indians spend their money as evidenced by the lower savings rate in India compared to other Asian countries. That means there are almost 100 million more people than the United States – the world's biggest economy right now who are looking for a place to spend their money and the numbers of middle class is only growing. For those of you unfamiliar with the growing India market, an essay on the country and its prospects is not something that I will do now. Some good resources include The Indian Economy Blog (, the Embassy of India ( and Foreign Direct Investment Magazine ( (dBusinessNews)

The Web: Niche search tools proliferating
You're exceptionally bored at work and want to search the Internet for tonight's TV listings to see when the reruns of "Law & Order" are on the Bravo cable network. Typing the name of the crime drama show into a conventional search engine, like a or a, and seeking the TV listings, may not be a good use of your time, these days, experts tell United Press International's The Web column. In fact, it may yield millions of possible links, most of which have nothing to do with the listing for the air-time of the show. You might need to use one of the more specialized search engines that have emerged. "From online video to Web-based shopping, real estate, gasoline, etcetera, there are specialized search sites and engines for a myriad of products, services and content," a San Francisco-based spokesman for, an online shopping comparison sight, told the Web. "Vertical search is evolving to meet consumers' needs." (upi)

spiritual outsourcing

Since the West probably calls the lord as often as it calls Citibank, it's only natural that India, the haven of cheap outsourcing must have a role in connecting first world Christians to their paradise. By offering five American dollars per holy mass, Western churches have been offloading special prayer requirements to Indian churches, especially to the several in Kerala. There is no information available on how many such prayers are being outsourced to India but Church officials guess that they could number hundreds in a year. (Times of India)

U.S. small business June wages, hiring up-survey
Salaries paid to employees of small U.S. businesses increased for the 10th straight month in June while hiring picked up, according to private sector payroll data released on Wednesday. "While small business hiring has been weak throughout the year, it's a positive sign that hiring increased in June, suggesting that the downturn that many have predicted for the second half of 2006 may not be as dire as was initially predicted," said Michael Alter, president of SurePayroll, an Internet payroll service provider for small businesses. The average small business salary across the country now stands at an annualized rate of $30,328, returning to levels not seen since June 2004, according to the June 2006 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard. (Reuters)

U.S. Economy: Factory Orders, Hiring Show Unexpected Strength
Factory orders in the U.S. rose more than forecast in May and a private report showed unexpected strength in hiring, easing concern that the Federal Reserve's interest rate increases are slowing the economy too abruptly. Orders placed with factories increased 0.7 percent during the month, led by demand for business equipment, following a 2 percent decline in April, the Commerce Department said today in Washington. A report from the largest paycheck processor, Automatic Data Processing Inc., showed U.S. employers added 368,000 jobs in June, the most since 2001. The dollar and U.S. Treasury yields climbed as the reports added to speculation that the Fed will continue raising interest rates after 17 consecutive increases to cool the economy and ease inflationary pressures. Strong job growth and business investment may keep the economy expanding as the housing market and consumer spending slow down. (Bloomberg)

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Deep Release:
Monster Employment Index Rises in June, Driven By Greater Online Demand for White Collar Workers; Increased Opportunities for Management, Finance and IT Occupations Help Push Index Higher for Second Consecutive Month

Majority of Occupations and all Nine U.S. Census Bureau Regions  Register Growth, Demonstrating Broad Strength in Overall U.S. Online  Job Demand

June 2006 Index Highlights:

  • Index rises four points to 171 in June, showing solid growth for the second consecutive month
  • Higher demand for white-collar occupations such as management, finance and IT suggests continued momentum of U.S. economy amid increasingly tight labor market
  • Military-related online recruitment rebounds, indicating stepped-up hiring efforts in the defense, security and aerospace industries
  • Mining, healthcare and community and social servicesoccupations also show sharply higher demand, suggesting continued shortage of qualified workers

The Monster Employment Index rose four points to 171 in June, marking a second consecutive month of solid growth and demonstrating continued strength in U.S. online recruitment activity. The Index's broad growth across all nine U.S. Census Bureau regions was largely driven by higher demand for white collar occupations such as management, finance and IT, as well as stepped-up efforts to recruit military related, healthcare, mining, and community and social services workers. Year over year, the overall Index is up 35 points or 26 percent.

During June, the Index rose by varying degrees in nine of the 20 industries tracked, led by sharply increased demand for workers in the mining; transportation and warehousing; and wholesale trade industries. Management of companies and enterprises also edged higher, showing the strongest three-month growth trend among all industry groups. In contrast, construction; accommodation and food services; and agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting were among the eight industry sectors that declined during the month.

Eighteen of 23 occupational categories saw greater online job availability last month, with military specific occupations registering the strongest rate of growth. Other occupations that registered growth last month include management; business and financial operations; computer and mathematical (IT); community and social services; and sales and related.

"The June findings of the Monster Employment Index show continued solid growth in online recruitment activity through the first half of 2006, while greater employer demand for workers in key areas such as management, finance and IT suggests a further tightening in the U.S. job market," said Steve Pogorzelski, Group President, International at Monster Worldwide. "The fact that nearly all occupations and all nine regions of the country showed greater online job availability last month, points to broad, continued momentum in the economy heading into the third quarter."

Mining Industry Boosts Online Recruitment Efforts, Reflecting Shortage of Qualified Workers

Online hiring efforts across the booming mining industry surged last month, rising 12 points and registering the sharpest rate of increase among industries. The significant jump in available mining positions reflects the rapid growth of the energy and natural resources industry and its struggle to find qualified mining engineers and extraction workers to keep up with rising demand. Other industries showing greater online job availability in June include:

  • Transportation and Warehousing (up 10 points), which continues to struggle to overcome a nationwide shortage of truck drivers;
  • Wholesale Trade (up five points), suggesting an improved outlook for commerce and trade going into the peak summer season; and
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises (up one point), which has shown the strongest overall rate of growth among industries over the last three months.

Online Demand for Military Related Workers Rebounds, Reflecting Stepped-up Defense, Security and Aerospace Hiring

Online recruitment activity for military related occupations rose sharply last month, rebounding from a two-month period of flatness and suggesting stepped-up hiring efforts in the defense, security and aerospace industries. The significant 11-point increase in June may also point to a new recruitment drive within the Armed Forces as the war in Iraq entered its 39th month. Other occupational categories that saw particularly strong growth in online demand last month include:

  • Community and Social Services (up eight points), which surpassed personal care and service as the fastest growing occupational category over the last 12 months;
  • Management, and Business and Financial Operations, which both rose seven points, reflecting higher demand for senior managers and finance/accounting staff;
  • Computer and Mathematical (IT), which rose six points and extended a six-month upward growth trend amid growing demand for IT professionals across a range of industry sectors; and
  • Sales and Related (up five points), which saw strong hiring activity in the retail/wholesale trade sector as well as on the corporate sales and business development side.

Online Recruitment in Pacific Region Rebounds Sharply in June; West North Central also Rises

Online recruitment activity increased in all nine U.S. Census Bureau regions for the first time since March, suggesting broad growth across the country. The Pacific region jumped 12 points, registering the sharpest month-to-month rate of growth and snapping a two-month downward trend. The West North Central region rose six points, extending a six-month upward growth trend driven by heightened online recruitment activity in Minnesota. Overall, 43 U.S. states, along with the District of Columbia, showed greater online demand for employees in June, with Alaska, California, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana and Minnesota among those registering the sharpest gains.

To obtain a full copy of the Monster Employment Index report for June 2006, including all charts and tables, please visit . Data for the month of July 2006 will be released on August 3, 2006.

About the Monster Employment Index

Launched in April 2004 with data collected since October 2003, the Monster Employment Index is a broad and comprehensive monthly analysis of U.S. online job demand conducted by Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: MNST), the parent company of the leading global online careers and recruitment resource, Monster(R). Based on a real-time review of millions of employer job opportunities culled from more than 1,500 Web sites, including a variety of corporate career sites, job boards and Monster, the Monster Employment Index presents a snapshot of employer online recruitment activity nationwide. All of the data and findings in the Monster Employment Index have been validated for their accuracy through independent, third party auditing conducted on a monthly basis by ARC Research. The audit validates the accuracy of the online job recruitment activity measured within a margin of error of +/- 1.05%.

Deeper Release:
Aspiring CEOs Should Pack Their Bags
- New 'Route to the Top' Study Reveals Significant Shifts in Career Paths of FTSE CEOs and the Need for International Experience

Heidrick & Struggles, a leader in executive search announces the findings of the latest 'Route to the Top' study(i) by Leadership Consulting Partner and author, Dr. Elisabeth Marx.

The profile of a typical CEO of a FTSE 100 company does not appear on the surface to have changed very much in the last nine years since the study was first completed: A typical CEO is male, 52 years old and likely to have a background in finance. Closer analysis of the data however, shows a remarkable shift in the background of these individuals.

Significant Trends:

  • International experience: In 1996 only 42% of CEOs had completed an overseas assignment. This figure rose to 61% in 2002 and is at 79% in 2005. The majority of international experience was gained in North America and Europe, less so in the new economic growth regions of Asia and South America.
  • Education: In 1996, over a third of FTSE 100 CEOs did not have a university degree (37%). This pattern has changed dramatically; in 2002 only 11% of CEOs had no university degree and in 2005, this figure stands at 12%. CEOs of UK companies are now closer to their European counterparts in terms of academic qualifications.
  • Oxbridge background: Another interesting shift is in the prevalence of degrees from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. In 1996, 19% of CEOs had an 'Oxbridge' degree. Some might expect an elitist background to decrease but this is not the case. In 2005 that number rose to 22%. If the US equivalent, Harvard, is added to the mix, given the high number of foreign CEOs, this number rises to 28%.
  • Functional background: A finance or accounting background is still the most frequent route to the top in the UK. In 1996 this was true of 24% of CEOs. This figure rose to 41% in 2002 raising the questions whether UK boardrooms are diverse enough in terms of background. In 2005 the number is still at 38% followed by sales and marketing at 23% and general management at 18%.
  • Nationality: 72% of CEOs are British. The remaining 28% are mainly from the US, followed by Europe, Australia and South Africa
  • Age: In 1996 the analysis identified a 'super group' of 6 young CEOs up to 45 years old which rose to 13 in 2002. This trend has not continued, the 2005 number is back down to 10. As in 2002, the average age overall is still 52, slightly lower than in 1996 when it was 55.
  • Internal promotion: The ratio has changed over the years from 72% of CEO appointments being internal promotions in 1996, to 77% in 2002, back down to 69% in 2005. There is therefore a trend towards a higher number of external CEO searches over the last couple of years.

Compared to externally recruited CEOs, internally promoted CEOs:

  • Are much more likely to come from an accountancy/finance background (45% of 'internal CEOs' have an accountancy/finance background versus 23% of 'external CEOs').
  • Have less international experience than externally recruited CEOs (77% versus 83%).
  • Are more likely to have external non-executive directorships (53% versus 23%).

In internal CEO appointments, candidates from an accountancy/finance background seem to have a clear advantage whereas external searches seem to draw from a more diverse pool of candidates. (With a background in sales and marketing at 30% being ahead of accountancy/finance).

"In terms of succession planning and the motivation of high potentials, this pattern suggests that UK companies need to ensure that executives with a non-finance background have equal chances to progress to the top position through targeted leadership development.

Our original hypothesis that moving abroad means moving ahead is fully supported by the high international experience of the top CEOs in this country."

(i)Route to the Top is based on a study of CEOs of the FTSE 100 in the UK and follows on from similar research by Dr.Marx in 1996 and 2002. The study is based on the FTSE index of May 2005. Information on the background of CEOs was collated through Who's Who, annual reports and media coverage.

About Heidrick & Struggles

Founded in 1953, Hedrick & Struggles (NASDAQ:HSII),is recognised as one of the world's leading executive search firms. With 58 offices in the principal cities of 32 countries, it helps its clients to address strategic issues that have human capital solutions in times of growth, turnaround, acquisition, integration, expansion into new markets, and when responding to economic flux.

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Professional Employer & Marketplace 2006
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AESC Researchers & Associates Summit
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London, United Kingdom
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Nat'l Association of Personnel Services (NAPS)
Recruiting Life
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2006 SHRM Workplace Diversity Conference
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9th Annual Talent Acquisition & Staffing Summit
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Hunt Scanlon Advisors present
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Recruiting News for the Human Resource Professional

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