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(October 28, 2005) The Best of the Blogs for the past couple of weeks:
  • Judge a potential manager by how they treat their recruiter Single women are told to judge how a man would treat a future wife by how he treats a waitress in a restaurant. I'm going to assume that this advice, which I have heard a number of times from various sources (just in general...not seeking out that kind of stuff, mind you), does not imply that a future wife will be a food-server to her husband; but rather that you can judge a person by how they treat people that they don't feel they need to impress. (Heather)
  • ready or not, here comes google classifieds Big news kids. A lot of hard evidence is starting to point to Google launching a service allegedly called Google Base that will allow users to post classifieds for free.  Let's connect the dots. (Joel Cheesman)
  • Sustainability and the Changing Nature of Work This is the fourth of five thought pieces that I committed some time ago to share here. I'm reporting on our research over the last several years into the factors that are driving change in the nature of work. (The Future of Work)
  • Social "Networking" Doesn't Work In an industry that needs everything done yesterday, deadlines are king and priorities change on a dime, the online social networking approach to recruiting simply doesn't work. The LinkedIn and Jobster models may work for other industries, or for companies that have ample time on their hands to click around a website for hours on end, however, in the communications industry this is not the case. (Hiring Revolution)
  • Face The Fear and Do It Anyway. A wise man once told me "Ragan, face the fear and do it anyway." This saying holds special meaning for me when coaching candidates through accepting offers. What keeps a candidate from accepting an offer? It could be a number of things, but the number one reason is fear. Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of unfamiliarity - fear is the ultimate deal-breaker. (Hiring Revolution)
  • Visual Mapping I had the fortunate opportunity to hire an individual that wrote her dissertation on clustering blogs based on market demographics. She is originally from Hong Kong where she was a journalist and public relations practitioner before coming to the US to obtain her PhD. She recently turned me onto a blog that focuses on visual mapping. I have included the link below; I believe this work WILL have an impact on recruiting. (Recruiting Revolution)
  • Ebay Gets Recruiting In keeping with the spirit of the Canadian Headhunter's most excellent post about being creative with marketing your client's needs. I was sent this from someone I know.  Watch the Movie (when you click the link, you can click on skip movie and then you can choose from about 5 great funny short movies) (Recruiting.com)
  • New Rules for Recruiting One of my first posts. Perhaps worth revisiting for future conversations.
    1.) Talent is more expensive than capital.
  • New HR Technology Products I won't be there, but next week's HR Tehnology Conference will be host to dozens of product unveilings and launches. Here's just a peek of what's coming: (DubDubs)
  • HRO or PEO? HR.com seems to have shown their considerable lack of understanding regarding HRO. While they are actually a very good source of information, I see them as similar to SHRM. Both of these organizations cater to mid-sized organizations and are rather unsophisticated from that standpoint. (Dub Dubs)
  • Go Cheap or Go Brand David Monreal posted an interesting comment on my blog asking, "why spend X in Monster or any other big job board if I can use a cheaper small one and get also listed in Indeed, WorkZoo or Hotjobs." (Recruiting Revolution)
  • The referral buzz....Then this morning I read something that made me really think. Are referrals the long tail of the recruitment industry? Now I am not sure John's article fully explores the concepts and he does drop back into the looking at the viability of online referrals but that little phrase has had me going all day. Thanks John I will send you the bill for my drop in productivity! Below are some rough thoughts on this.  (Michael Specht)

  • Workday Dave Duffield's new venture, Workday, is starting to get more visible, including a recent presentation at IHRIM and a keynote discussion at HRTech last week. HR Technology Discussion Board recently posted a great summary of the company's short history. Well, here are some additional thoughts ( HRAnalystBlog)
  • Blogging as a strategic recruiting tool Posted an article on ERE the other day on blogging as a strategic recruiting tool. Here's a great follow-up - got a note from old friend Ben Klau, Sr. Parter at JWT, on a next-gen recruitment blogging strategy they helped Honeywell launch: www.honeywellblogs.com.  (Jobster Lefkow)
  • customer references i've received a slew of emails over the past couple of days requesting information / case studies regarding how actual companies are using jobster to build their talent networks.  ask and thou shall receive ... (Jobster)
  • Detecting Thinking Skills Recently, a manager asked how he could detect critical thinking skills in candidates. I had to ask him more questions, so I could answer. Here's what he meant by critical thinking skills:
    • The ability to think through a problem in a certain architectural domain
    • The ability to deal with people across the organization in planning the next set of features and projects
    • The ability to mentor others, choosing paths that would fit less-seasoned staff
    • The abiltiy to discuss product strategy with people across the organization.
      (Johanna Rothman)

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