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The Electronic Recruiting News is a Free Daily Newsletter For Recruiters, HR Managers, Advertising Agencies and Clasified Advertising Operations

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(October 06, 2005) Things are moving more quickly than ever and they are accelerating even more quickly than that. That's a rough summary of Ray Kurzweil's notion of accelerating change. According to Kurzweil (and we buy it), things are getting faster at a rate rooted in power laws.

The reason that Honesty is a critical asset in any organization today is simple. Things are changing too fast to wrestle with whether or not the information you have is legit. More than ever, clarity is essential to solid decision making. Organizations can not afford to condone dishonesty anywhere in their ranks. It spreads quickly and rots the entire organism.

We've built a special edition of the Bugler today. (The Bugler is our other newsletter, composed of clips from press releases and global news. It's designed to keep you very current with the trends, labor shortages and deals that drive our global industry). This edition focuses on global trends. It's easy to scan. The goal is to demonstrate how quickly things are changing.

"[We] believe that nothing short of a reformation in management practice is required to cope with the changes that face virtually every organization and the entire economy these days... Specifically, our experience suggests that your future business success depends directly on your ability to understand the shifts that are occurring and to redefine your workforce, workplace, technology, and business strategies accordingly... "The principal challenge remains how to manage the many changes in organizational culture and behavior that distributed work requires. Every company needs a vision, a strategy, and the wisdom to implement new technology and transform working arrangements. This challenge is unquestionably magnified when the workforce becomes more distributed physically, organizationally, and even culturally..."...

The fundamental drivers of the change are accelerating technology and declining population growth. Together they conspire to create a world rife with spot labor shortages (the Bugler documents these each day) and rapidly changing skills requirements.

Here's what I think is going on: contrary to popular belief, there's no such thing as a product company, a telecom company, a consulting company or a retail company. All companies are people companies. People make products for people. People serve people. People work with people and for people. I'd venture a guess that the root cause of business problems is not financial, not product-related, and not structure-related. Businesses live and die by its executives' and employees' talents, levels of empathy and ability to play well with others… and by their willingness to listen and acknowledge that customers just may have some valuable input. If a business is rife with internal politics, fiefdoms and one-upmanship, I doubt that it will be successful in this new customer-relationship era. If a company's employees aren't successful in their personal relationships at home, it can't become a successful people company.(BrandShift)

Look closely. Although it will wriggle on for another five years, the Applicant Tracking System is an anachronism. Those companies are dead or dying (although WebHire with its new Google integration is a small bright spot). Microsoft and Salesforce.com will be here shortly with CRM based community development tools that are more than simple direct marketing email machines or flat resume databases. ATS is simply not useful in a world where relationship and community mean something more than entries in a database.

With transparency as a foundation, the next generation of business strategy involves building trusted networks of real people with real values. They'll supply services, material, ideas, innovation and each other. Hints of ethical malpractice will erode these trusted relationships like rain on a cast iron skillet. You simply can not build networks without trust.

Don't forget to check out the blogs on bert.

- John Sumser

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You and your hiring manager outline the job specs. Then send them off to people whose judgment you value, along with a reward voucher-an incentive, and a way of saying thank you to those people who were willing to lend their time and energy thinking about who, among their contacts, would be right for your company.

You decide how much you want to pay for finding the right candidate. And if the right candidate never turns up? You pay absolutely nothing, making H3 completely risk free. And if you do find the right fit? H3 tracks how the candidate was found, and rewards everyone involved in the successful hire. All of which makes H3 the most efficient recruiting vehicle available

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